Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rimmel Vinyl Outslumps PeaceBang!

I must admit to you, Beauty Bangers, that I had a post-Easter slump where I could not be depended upon to bother with eyeliner, let alone styled hair and accessorized outfits. This happens very rarely during the church program year, but it did happen. Perhaps it's a by-product of having turned 40 and spending a lot more time saying, "Oh for heaven's sake, no one cares."

It's been Pants-And-A-Shirt, and Pants-And-A-Shirt, and little silver hoops and just my regular lipcolor (you know what it is: say it all together now... Cover Girl AllStay Outlast in Blush Pearl! I bought six last week so let me know if you need me to send you one).
I even decided to cut all my nails off since I'm taking BANJO lessons and I just can't have nails. I guess if all the girls from "Sex and the City" don't bother with manicures -- and have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker's positively mannish hands? -- I can let my stubby grubbies go unpolished, too.

Speaking of which, a French polish is NEVER NEVER EVER okay on your toenails. Not even on your wedding day. Okay? French manicures are outre as it is, but I still like them as they're pretty and so clean looking, but NEVER on the toes. I applaud your desire for a pedicure, but you want a nice neutral like Samoan Sand or Bubble Bath by O.P.I., and believe me, every nail shop in America has it in stock. If you're pastoring a liberal congregation, by all means get Dutch Tulip or Chick Flick Cherry or Kennebunk-port. I think "I'm Not Really A Waitress" is too racy for a minister of any denomination, although you can get away with it on your nails at Christmastime, if you keep your nails short.

So where was I?
Oh, yes.
Well, I was slogging along in my grey sweatjacket and jeans and grey Merrill moccasins today having just frumped off the train after a five hour ride, and I stopped at the store for some kitty litter. They just happened to have Rimmel products in the cosmetics section (PeaceBang NEVER foregos a visit to the cosmetics section!) and I got four Rimmel lip glosses from the Vinyl Lip line.
They're less then $4 each, and they make me happy. So there.

I just have to say that the shade "Fantastic" is the cutest ever, shiny and peachy and with enough coverage to just brighten up your face. You'll be all smiles, and who wouldn't want that?

PeaceBang recommends: Rimmel Vinyl Lip Color in "Fantastic"
O.P.I. nail polish in Samoan Sand or Bubble Bath


Blogger Kris G. said...

I'm just reading through your archives after clicking through from a friend's website, and I wanted to say hello! I am not a minister (I don't even play one on TV), but your tips work very well-- and the oopsies are well suited to-- librarians as well.

And I adore Rimmel products. Lots of fun for tiny bits of money? You betcha.

8:40 PM  

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