Saturday, May 20, 2006

Conference Shoes

Darlings, PeaceBang has just returned from New York City, where in between getting caught in torrential downpours, she had the pleasure of walking to various appointments and observing NYC fashion in person!
It was so inspiring!
I can just tell you that the gals are wearing darling little print dresses (vintage, not icky, drab florals) with cardigans and big chunky beads and all manner of fabulous sandals. Another lovely look (since PeaceBang can't imagine where one would easily procure true vintage cotton frocks outside of the Village) is light colored suits (tailored! tailored) with slingbacks and smashing bags. A gentle grass green with some grey in it is all the rage and looks good on everyone. Not Kelly green, not acid green. And in the bags or the shoes, not near the face.

Someone asked about shoes for GA (or other conferences). I know it's hard. I am agonizing over the decision myself. My comfortable shoes are all heinous and unflattering, and my attractive shoes are mostly no good for schlepping from one event to the other. My overall advice on conference shoes is this: if they're chunky and heinous, wear a nice long pant that fits beautifully, a cute top, and don't feature them. If they're adorable and make you feel gorgeous, keep the rest of your outfit simple to highlight them.

Someone asks, "are black dress shoes okay with tan pants?"

Dear Someone,

At least, I don't think so. Unless the "tan pants" are a beautiful pair of true trousers with a shape to them, and are lined, and are elegant. Then of course, you can wear an elegant dress shoe.
It's really more about the scale and line than the color. If the pants are light and tailored and elegant, the shoe should also be elegant, in whatever color. The shoe should not be heavy and, for instance, patent leather. That's too wintery and heavy. If the shoe has a thin ankle strap and a delicate foot, by all means wear it with "tan pants" (didn't we talk about the evils of "tan" already? I'm a bit worried) and a smart black cardigan and fitted shell with pearls or beads. Bring another dark color somewhere into the outfit and you'll be fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Evils of tan", oh my , where do I find that? I am navigating your site randomnly, not sure how to view all posts in an orderly fashion.

1:56 AM  

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