Monday, May 15, 2006, My Dears!

Glory in the Morning suggests that we shop for sandals at Target. What a fabulous idea!!

Look what I found on their website for mere pennies:

Now, I don't think that a thong sandal (anything that splits the toe) has any place in ministry aside from casual office days, but sweet Jesus, this one is cute. But you MUST MUST MUST have smooth heels like a baby and clean polished toes or bare toenails that are clean and perfectly groomed.

I will be purchasing these today, thank you very much. Terribly fashionable and very Betty Grable. I just hope they're the slightest bit comfortable.

For gals who can stand a heel, these are smashing. So classy, such a great color for every season. For my friend who was wondering what to wear with navy, darling, this is one fantastic option. Keep your accessories rich to go along with the richness of the shoe. Again, no gnarly toes or polish peeping through these, please.


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