Monday, May 01, 2006

False Eyelashes: No, Really!

PeaceBang has attended many ordinations on Sunday afternoons when really, she would rather be in bed with the NY Times (and Kevin Spacey, but that's another discussion altogether: a long and boozey one about PB's predilection for crushing on gay men). So when she had to attend the ordination of a lovely new minister yesterday afternoon in Boston, she was more than a bit cheered to realize that the church in question was just a hop, skip and a jump from famed swanky shopping avenue, Newbury Street. And it was such a nice day! Too nice to get back in the car and go right home, of course.

So PeaceBang skipped down Newbury Street and tried on outrageous pumps at a chic boutique with too many vowels in its name to remember (Couio? Cuoiou? Ciouo?) and she browsed wickedly overpriced soaps at Fresh (sorry, but I'm too FRESH outta cash to buy a $50 candle, darling!). Their Sake perfume is nice for summer, btw.

Then PeaceBang took herself to the holy of holies, the new Shu Uemura boutique where she met the lovely and talented manager, Sue, and played with make-up for a delightful half hour. Sue taught PeaceBang how to make the fashionable "smoky eye" with a shimmery brown shadow that PB needs to get, and actually sold her a pair of FALSE EYELASHES. Why? Because they're all the rage right now, my doves, and because PeaceBang is willing to endure both expense and discomfort to investigate products that might bring a bit of beauty and glamour to her readers' lives.

The verdict: doe-eyed fabulousness, but buy your adhesive at the drug store (Duo makes a good one) because Shu's is too heavy on some itch-inducing ingredient.

Where would I wear false eyelashes? They're very comfortable and quite lovely and subtle. Well, I might wear them in the pulpit to give my eyes wonderful definition from a distance, but I'd probably just wear them on those dates I hardly ever go on. Certainly to those cocktail parties I never go to, and art openings, things like that.

My problem is that I'm the Vicar of Dibley but I think I'm Mame Dennis. I'm still glad I have my new falsies, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have you been all of my life?! You have shown up just in time - like one of the angels in the Hebrew Bible! I am soon to be 40-something and have felt myself edging toward those clerical Cobbie shoes and shapeless sack like outfits out of fatigue and lack of vision for a hip future (and everything does sag a little more than it used to.) May I ask you to speak to us about hairstyles for women? So many of my beloved clerical sisters have opted for short and gray.
Also, do you have a recommendation for a magazine of style and substance? I haven't looked at fasion magazines in 20 years and they depressed the hell out of me even then. Where should a real woman look for ideas of what to wear?
A grateful reader

1:16 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Dearest Anon,
Dare to be striking. Add a bit of pizzaz. A lovely belt if you have a waist ( I don't, but I have a nice bosom). A dramatic necklace. A bright red lipstick (Clarins make a humdinger). Cut your hair dramatically short and wear the red lipstick every day, with regal posture and a knowing grin. Buy one pair of fabulous pumps and a knee-length skirt that fits you perfectly,and wear it with any of your old tops. Get one gorgeous white blouse with a great collar that frames your face. Update your eyeglass frames with something funky with color.
If pumps aren't your thing, maybe a pair of pointy cowboy boots would be fun.

Be SEEN. You're a personage now: refuse to fade into the background!! CLAIM it, girl!

If you like, send me a few photos offline and I'd be happy to make recommendations.

10:00 PM  

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