Monday, June 26, 2006

He Can Run, But He Cannot Hide

I have an adorable colleague who has a ponytail I'd like to wack and a pair of spectacles I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to donate to the Lion's Club. It's gotten to the point where we start cracking up pretty much the moment we see each other, because he knows just what I'm thinking and he also knows I will not rest until I am triumphant in this crusade.

Just wait 'til I get his partner involved. Your time is limited, Mister. You can run but you cannot hide.

He has this great long, kind of craggy face --it's actually not craggy yet but it will be wonderfully so in about 15 years. He's one of those rotten no-goodniks who's actually going to look better as he ages. And he needs new spectacles that don't take up half his great craggy face. I can just see him in new frames, and it's just going to be revolutionary cuteness.

What's with these people who dare to get more attractive as they age while I am valiantly fighting off jowls and grandmotherly upper arms? I have a 60-something year old retired colleague who, damn him, looks younger now than he did ten years ago. As much as I love him,
I know that he uses no skin products whatsoever and that his only real beauty regime is to regularly imbibe good Scotch. I cry out to the Lord in my bitterness and envy. Lord, hear my prayer.


Blogger Aola said...

It's just not fair, is it?

5:01 PM  
Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I thought you were really beautiful so if you are saying that you are declining as you age then you must have been stunning before. Some people do look better as they get older. I think my DH is one of those people. He is very cute now but I imagine he will hit his peak between 35-50. I hope I am still around then!

10:35 PM  
Anonymous The Padre said...

After far too many days of keeping up with the Episcopal GC06, being elated and off-the-ground to being devastated and somewhere-under-it, finding your blog is such a relief. And you speak the truth, dear Sister! I had a smart little luncheon today for some colleagues and we did our own version of dish.

1) Why do some male clergy think pastel clericals are cute? The summer "look"? Yuck. As tired as I get of basic black, we are Episcopal priests and should look like it. One can always put on a dashing vest to spice it up (my fave method)!

2) Clerical "dickies" are for... well, I won't go there, but you might catch my drift.

3) The Basic Black does *not* go well with a navy blazer.

4) For suits, which I personally don't wear [OK, I do have one navy pinstripe that is light enough to look smashing with a rabat, full white collar, and white shirt underneath to show off cufflinks], why plain, plain, PLAIN black?!? Black comes in pinstripes, too. As does grey.

5) Finally, as noted in your "rectangularly challenged" observation, GET CLOTHES THAT FIT! They needn't be expensive, and they make SUCH a difference.

Thank you again for your much-needed posts. I'm encouraging my Epikopuls to log in.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Chalicechick said...

If you ever succeed in talking a man into cutting off his ponytail, tell me how...

You know, just for my information.


3:43 PM  

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