Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring Trenches

Aside from the fact that there's a camera from "Nightline" watching me type right now, I do want to recommend to you a lovely cropped trench coat I saw in "In Style" magazine -- definitely a nice outwear option for the hipper set (and I'm sorry, but double-breasted isn't a great choice for fuller-figured guys and gals):

Cotton American Eagle,

The fact that it's cropped makes it unsuitable for formal professional appearances, but it is a smart-looking option for daytime jaunts.

For more professional appearances, consider a Nautica trench (also double-breasted) in cotton-nylon in beige/neutral. It's a heftier price at $189, but unless you outgrow it, it should last you simply eons. That style ain't going nowhere but right into Classic and More Classic. For the more color-ific risk-takers among us, there's a canary yellow double-breasted cropped trench by J.Crew for about the same bucks, $168. But your investment there won't be as good, as bright yellow is very au courant. You granddaughters will love you for it, though.


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