Sunday, February 25, 2007

PeaceBang Suffers For Her Art

Dearly Beloved,

A wee little camera from "Nightline" will be in the worship service with us this morning, and PeaceBang is feeling almost grimly protective of the religious intent of the day, hoping upon hope that it just feels like No Big Deal to her congregation. The interview comes later in the week, and we are just going to have to Be Brave and bring the message of clergy vibrancy and relevancy to the world.

As much as she is calmly focused on the work of the parish, PeaceBang also understands that she should try to look fresh and alive and "camera-ready" this morning, and so went for a facial and eyebrow waxing earlier this week.

The facial, done with all Eminence Organic products, which smell absolutely edible and which she looooooves, was a delight, in that way that having fire ants march all over your face eating you alive is a delight.
Which is to say that no matter how organic a product may be, darlings, it can still be strong and it can still irritate your skin!! As PeaceBang lay there with her face boiling under some kind of "gentle" alpha hydroxy masque and paprika-based topcoat mildly protesting that her face was scalding, her facialist chortled in an understanding manner and said, "Don't panic!"

Panic! Why would I panic? There's nothing more relaxing in the world than having six layers of your skin peeled off your face in the days immediately preceding your first national television appearance! Why, it's like skipping through a copse of violets on a warm spring day! If that copse of violets is in Hell! Panic? Don't be sil'!

As for the eyebrow waxing, that was not in the original plan but was a spontaneous recommendation by the aesthetician. PeaceBang can report to you that eyebrow waxing is also the pleasantest of treatments, if you're the type of person who enjoys the sensation of your skin being ripped off your face. But... courage, mon amis! The pain, she is but fleeting, and the eyebrows are really much more cleanly shaped.

And now for coffee, deep breathing, prayer, preparation of the children's story, final review of the service, and then .... oh heavens, I'll have to remember to get dressed, too.

Bring the good news, lovely ones! Shine on! And a blessed Sabbath to you all.

[Update at 1:30: What a nice church day! Sunny, beautiful, happy, full. Elements all good (we could have used one more hymn, but I didn't realize it in time for the order of service, darnit), sermon as well-crafted as I could manage, and I got through the children's message coherently, even though I usually clutch at unscripted storytelling. I noticed the camera once or twice, but otherwise forgot about it. I know we're still in the deep of Lent, but today had that "comin-around-to-spring feeling. Lovely. Church a-buzz with much good programming, upcoming stewardship campaign, usual high spirits. Sorry, just had to say it as my real self! xoxo PB/VW]



Anonymous carolinedivine said...

Yay PeaceBang! Glad all went well.


3:05 PM  
Blogger clairebearkiss said...

congrats on a good day! let us know when it's airing!

i love facials and indulge whenever i get the chance/funding. it is unfortunate that yours was unpleasant, and especially unfortunate that your aesthetician blew off your pain.
one of my ways of getting facials more often is to go to beauty schools and get the students to do it for a discounted rate. they are extra-sensitive to your needs there since they don't want to get bad marks from their instructors. last time i went i overheard a woman start to get uncomfortable when a mask was too much for her and they took it off immediately and used a milder one.

9:03 PM  

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