Thursday, March 29, 2007

A New Mama Writes In!

Darlings, March came in like a lion and is going out like another lion! Whooee, is it windy! PeaceBang put her garbage out on the curb last night and was afraid all night that the wind would blow it all over the yard, which would have been just disgusting! And given her stomach virus, even more disgusting than usual!

Was that my out-loud voice speaking those uncouth thoughts?
I do apologize, dears. And here it is just around dinner time, too.

Well, PeaceBang will not be eating dinner, but at least she's feeling well enough to stamp around the house yelling, "I WANT REAL FOOD! I AM TIRED OF PRETZELS AND SALTINES! I WANT LINGUINI WITH CLAM SAUCE!" Funny, because linguini with clam sauce was a favorite in the Weinstein household growing up, but it is not a dish PeaceBang has ever eaten in her entire adult life. She must be hankering for Tastes of Home. More specifically, she is hankering for the comforting sounds of Shirley in the kitchen. Well, that just does it. I am making some plain linguini as soon as I finish this posting, digestive tract be damned. If God hadn't wanted us to eat linguini five days into a mysterious intestinal infection, He wouldn't have given us Immodium and Gatorade.

This letter came to us today from the wilds of North Hampshire, or New Hampshire, I think they call it. One of those perfectly charming New England states, anyway. Our note reads:

Dear Peacebang,

I'm [SS], a fellow UU minister serving in New Hampshire, and I had to write to you to tell you I am a huge fan of Beauty Tips for Ministers. I came back from maternity leave to my ministry this fall, and found myself (despite the reduction in my sleep) re-energized for church work. Woo-hoo! But a few months later, I realized I needed to re-energize my own bodily self as well, to get back to showing the world "I feel great in the body God gave me" instead of "good God, what did pregnancy do to me"? And BTFM was there to help. You have inspired me to get an actual hairstyle and an actual hairdryer, and to pay attention to how I look as I go out the door every day, baby or no baby. Thanks!

By the way, the makeup items I cannot live without are Touch Base for Eyes by Clinique in Petal Shimmer and Juicy Tubes lipgloss by Lancome in Tickled Pink. Plus some concealer and mascara, this is my weekday, no-one-will-be-taking-my-picture regimen.

Now readers, how cute is this woman? She is full of energy, she has a new babe, she took the time to write an appreciative letter to PeaceBang, and she beautifully articulates the message we communicate when we make that extra effort to add a little shine and polish to our look. I couldn't have said it better, so let me repeat her words, "I feel great in the body God gave me."

Brava, Reverend Mama, thanks for the recommendations and the note, and all good blessings on you, your ministry and your new little one!

Kiss of peace,
xoxox PB

Our reader recommends:

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes in Petal Shimmer
Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss in Tickled Pink

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


All I can say (well I could say more, but I'll spare you) is Chico's stretchy traveler knits are the new mama clergyperson's best friend (several companies make clothes out of this fabric now, I think). They stretch and accomodate all the different sizes, They don't get all clammy like matte jersey or similar fabric, you can wear them with different colored tops and tanks and get a lot of versatility out of them that way, and THEY DON'T SHOW MILK STAINS--this is very important, particularly for those of us used to wearing lots of black.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Amy W-P said...

Chico's traveler's collection is also the perfect clothing for the day when you have to go from a community meeting to midday prayer service to a youth group outing in evening. You look great in every situation and are appropriately dressed a full day's activities.

9:43 PM  

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