Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Marquis de Sandal

PeaceBang just has to share with you a few more highlights from her trip to NYC:

First, she would like to give all due propers to MotherBang and SisterBang, who are always a sartorial inspiration and besides that, make her laugh really really hard for hours at a time.
MotherBang showed up in a black skirt, a reversible Paddington bear like rain slicker, rather frumpy black floppy loafers and flesh-colored fishnet knee-highs.

Yes, I said fishnets.

My point is not to dis the Mama, but to tell you that MotherBang has an eternally unerring sense of personal style and glamour but that sometimes, in taking a risk, she makes a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake. She thought her flats were all the rage. We had to talk about why they weren't (wrong shape, too floppy). She knew the fishnets were a fashionable touch, but we had to talk about why they were a little bit more Eccentric Retired Drama Teacher than she intended, and she immediately peeled them off. She Understands. She created this monster, and she graciously understands that she has to accept the consequences. She was the one who taught me that one always, always looks at the rear view before buying any garment, to look for "puppies." If you have to ask what puppies are, you must be very slim and fit, that's all I can say.

SisterBang made her appearance the next day in a typically very cute ensemble and wearing sandals of mine that I gave her because they pinch my toes too badly. After a few blocks, she dubbed them The Marquis de Sandal, but she is willing to SUFFER FOR BEAUTY. She is also willing to pull the mattress (and I use the term very loosely) off a hotel cot and sleep on the floor, which is another reason we love her.

There were scads of fabulously clad men and women at the Union Theological Seminary graduation ceremony, and I just wish you could have seen them. If they are the future of ministry I am hopeful for the de-frumpification of the American clergy.


Anonymous Wintry Mix said...

Peacebang, I write in humble gratitude for your CPE-related fashion advice a few weeks back. I spent this weekend shopping for appropriate-yet-not-dowdy clothes, and your advice saved me from certain sartorial disaster oodles of times.

I am now in possession of black, chocolate brown, and dark camel slacks, which do not cling to my nether regions, praise Jesus; brown and black Aerosoles loafers which are ridiculously comfortable and which I have convinced myself are classic rather than frumpy; several solid-color shirts and shells; and an amazingly sleek, unstructured jacket that fits so well I got it in navy and khaki. Of course the pants all need to be hemmed, but such is the life of a 5'4" gal. CPE here I come!

7:43 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Wintry, we sit here with tears of appreciation thinking of you in your classic CPE pieces. When you wear that khaki jacket, just remember to wear a little blush at least. Khaki can be really tough on the complexion.

May the Lord make you an instrument of peace and comfort in Aerosole loafers.

1:21 AM  

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