Saturday, August 05, 2006

PeaceBang Caught Half Nekkid!

PeaceBang believes in fresh air, lots of it, and freeing the skin from the confines of clothing whenever possible to get back in touch with the free nekkid you that you were when you went screaming through the sprinkler in a diaper.

Therefore, PeaceBang owns some one-piece bathing suits but in the summer, she wears men's bathing shorts and a bathing suit top that looks like a sports bra. There's a lot of cleavage and there's a big visible Buddha belly. Well, less firm than the Buddha.

But this is PeaceBang's reasoning: she wears constraining undergarments and pantyhose and bras and keeps covered up 10 months of the year. In the summer, she must be free.

She goes to local beaches maybe three times in the summer, always with a shirt with her that she can throw on if someone from church shows up.

Today, she was IN THE OCEAN splashing around when a congregant showed up!

What could she do!
Well, she could make the best of a bad situation and keep her bod under the water and invisible while being genuinely glad to see her really sweet and fun congregant who was herself adorable in a yellow bikini.
She could delight with her congregant that it was such a wonderful summer day, and say how great it is to get our bodies out into the air and the ocean, and to soak up the sun for all those dreary winter days we endure around here.

And then, on the verge of hypothermia and being late for her banjo lesson, she could finally walk out of the water (not ON the water, OUT of the water) with a big smile on her face and just be a human body like any other human body.

No, it's not the way I would have chosen to be seen if I had had fair warning.
I took a chance, and I got caught in public with way too much skin showing.

Will I stop airing out my flesh forever more?
Will I even stop airing out my flesh on local (two towns away) beaches?
Maybe. I'll think about it.

If Kathy, my congregant, knew I was thinking this way and regretting having run into her thus clad, would she cry?
She actually might. She would say, "Don't be RIDICULOUS! I was so glad to see you!"

A lot to think about there. We do want to model a polished image. And yet we also want to model what it is to cherish the body and live well in it.

I had a conversation recently with a woman who had a very big blemish of some kind on her nose. As we talked, she kept compulsively putting her hand up to sort of cover the blemish, signalling to me that she was very self-conscious about it. Yet all I was thinking was, "What a wonderful, talented lady this is. I wish we lived closer so I could spend some more time with her, because she's something else."

What can I tell ya. Love the skin you're in.


Anonymous Hank said...

Hey try being covered with Tattoos and see the look on congrgent's faces when they see me at the town pond. They called all of me to be their minister!

1:16 PM  

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