Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quo Is De Trop!

Dearest readers,
As you may know, PeaceBang has been scampering about Quebec and Ontario clad in sweaty t-shirts, horrid Keene sandals that look like snow tires, and big floppy hats. As is her wont in the summertime, she has given herself over entirely to her inner 3-year old who wants nothing more than to cavort nakey through the sprinkler, and wears less and less clothing as July turns to August.

Of course she does this an entire country away (& always in the privacy of a wooded lake cabin or fenced in backyard) so that she will never, ever be seen by any congregants, past, present or future. No one but you and I need to know that she wears an ancient tiger-print bathing suit top and enormous men's swimming trunks to swim in and to sun her flab in. That will be our little secret.

PeaceBang took an adventurous little side trip to Ottawa to meet someone with whom she has had an internet friendship of two years (we met as commenters on Go Fug Yourself when they had comments! Isn't that de trop?) and just knew he was a true soul mate when he indulged her a full hour in the make-up aisles of the drugstore.

They had at least FOUR make-up lines that we don't have in the United States, including one called Quo!!

Quo!! Is that not chic?
Unfortunately, although PB carefully scouted all the new goods for you, she could find nothing truly new or innovative to recommend, and went away empty-handed.

Stay tuned for MALE SKIN GROOMING TIPS from our colleague in Montreal!


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