Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vanity, Vanity, All Is Vanity Saith the Preacher

So I'm standing in the office today at church and chatting with my very cute secretary about the ministry of PeaceBang and we're talking about CUTE PURSES and how we can so easily get into fashion ruts, and the copier is merrily spewing out bajillions of Christmas Eve programs and our very cute office manager (who totally rocks heavy-framed black eyeglasses without even realizing how much like the quintessential Hot Librarian this makes her look, as she's blonde and beautiful) is doing her thing at the next desk and after all this chit-chat about the importance of beauty and fashion and how I'm so INTO it and all, I get into my car and check my face in the rear view mirror and see that I have lipstick ALL OVER MY TEETH.

And I cackle madly because I am supremely busted.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stealth lipstick movement can happen to anyone. I still believe in you.

In fact, I have a question: what could a seminarian/ministerial intern wear with her lovely white/cream robe for Christmas Eve services? I'm not ordained, so no stole, but it would be nice to look slightly less like I'm wearing a victorian nightgown (it's a tailored robe from WomenSpirit). Or should I just go with the robe alone, since the whole point is that I'm not ordained, so the outfit is not yet complete? I appreciate that point theologically/ecclesiologically but, unfortunately, not asthetically...

--the white robed preacher of a few months ago (the black shoes are working nicely, thank you)

10:24 PM  
Blogger womynrev said...

interestingly, I have the same un-ordained & unadorned womenspirit victorian nightgown robe situation.

My solution has been to find and wear a large chalice (or goddess or spiral or ankh or other symbolic) necklace. It is in the style of what the pope would call a pectoral cross.

I have a lovely beaded Green Man piece by Nita Penfold which works fabulously--especially on Christmas, because I love the symbolism--and the color works, too.

In any case, my current plan is just to get ordained soon and then I won't have to figure it out anymore!

9:23 AM  
Blogger Kerygma said...

Similar issue to vent about... In the Lutheran tradition, I wear a collar and a white alb with a cinture (rope belt) No stole yet either, but the lovely cincture in the middle pretty much makes me look like two sacks of potatos stacked on top of each other. Perhaps I shall find a shiny pectoral cross to distract from the lumpy-ness.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Madgebaby said...

in my opinion, unless you have a 19 inch waist, you must abandon the rope tricks immediately when tying your cinture. Double your cincture, loop the end through and tie a simple knot on one side. You can still put your stole underneath. The knot tricks add about 15 pounds, and even on smaller people look kind of sloppy most of the time.

Another trick with any robe is tiny shoulder pads and weights sewn into the hem--they help the robe hang better.

With a white robe, wearing something simple and sleek underneath is important, too. You've probably figured out that already. For big work days like Christmas, I found that the black "travelers" fabric clothes (various people make it) with a collar would get me through several services and still looked best under vestments. Your mileage may vary. . . .

As an Episcopal priest I wear a stole now, and I sometimes wear a cross; personally, however I like the symbolism of a plain, unadorned robe (be it an alb or cassock/surplice). Of course that makes the right hair, shoes, stockings, hair and makeup all the more important.

11:23 AM  
Blogger dame olympia's page said...

I always always wear a scarf when I am not wearing a stole and still wear a robe. And even though I am not yet ordained, I always always wear a stole to weddings and other ceremonies.

So. Go for it! Buy one of those snazzy sexy chalice scarves (if you are UU) or something that will speak of your tradition (they make silk scarves with crosses on them I am sure) and wear that scarf.

It was an exgf who turned me on to the power of the scarf. I can pull it off occasionally when my grandmother's chutzpah kicks in.

Thank God for Grandma D!
Dame O

10:37 AM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

DO, I don't think a silk scarf with crosses on it would be very appropriate. I also dig the chalice scarf thing for UUs, but I don't think the same thing translates with the Cross. Better for unordained Christian leaders to stick with a tailored suit and large cross or plain stole (which really should not be worn by the un-ordained, but I see seminarians do it all the time).

11:14 AM  

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