Tuesday, February 20, 2007

PeaceBanging Poppa T

PeaceBang is still fanning her face after this media blitz, and is looking forward to bringing the Ministry of Clergy Beautification to a wider audience in days to come. We may even be making prime time, cupcakes! Won't that be fun?

For now, though, we cannot just flop around on our laurels, can we? We have serious work to do. Like responding to this e-mail from our friend, the Revd. Timothy Holder, Founding Priest and Pastor of the HipHopEMass USA!
(I didn't add that exclamation point, it's on his signature) who wrote to say, and I quote: "PeaceBang me, Sista!"

Being the pastor of a small town New England Unitarian church doesn't exactly qualify me to be a "SISTA," but Tim, my little magnolia blossom, I shall happily comment on this photo:

Poppa T

Well, this is easy schmeezy!

Timotei is known professionally as "Poppa T," and he has a very special urban ministry with the hip hop community. Therefore, he has a very special look.
Tim writes that his "Justice Now + I Have A Dream" jacket was a gift from the rappers of Boston.* Isn't that nice? It's quite a smashing garment, actually. It's just not something you or I could wear.

Tim can wear it because it's a gift from people with whom he is in actual ministerial relationship. It is not some uber-chic thing that he picked up during Fashion Week so he could look the part of a hip hop pastor. He is a hip-hop pastor. He actually invented the HipHopE Mass, so he has serious street cred.

How a gay man from Alabama got to be an ordained Episcopalian priest and go on to found a hugely popular hip hop worship tradition is another story for another blog, but PeaceBang is just here to say that Timmy, you look wonderful, you're adorable, and big kiss of peace to you. Can't wait to see you in April.

*Where they will celebrate HipHopEMass April 18 at St. Paul's Cathedral. See you there!



Blogger Star Light, Star Bright said...

I would love to read the story of "Poppa T" or Father Tim, as we called him in Alabama. He's an incredibly loving and wonderful man, and he totally ROCKS!

Thanks for including Poppa T in your blog!


9:37 AM  
Blogger Louise said...

100% spot-on perfect, both Poppa T's look for his ministry and PB's realization of the same.

INTENTION, fellow PeaceBangers, it is all about INTENTION. All clothing makes a statement and we must all understand what it is saying about us.


12:51 PM  
Anonymous jinnis said...

The gift of that jacket speaks so well to the level of regard he has in his ministry. Of course, I already knew he was wonderful.

The last time I saw Tim was during our respective ministries in 'Bama. I would enjoy hearing the story of his hip hop ministry, too.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Re: Poppa T:

Here's an Episcopal News Service story from fall 2006:

He got the First Decade Award a couple of years back and PeaceBang's and my alma mater:

And here's the Village Voice take on him and his ministry:

There's now a Hip Hop Prayer Book (available from that venerable Episcopal institution, Church Publishing) http://www.churchpublishing.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Product&Productid=426
where there is also some more Poppa T info.

And you can also look browse through a tiny bit of that book through Amazon.com's nifty "Search Inside!" feature at

Poppa T, we haven't met yet but I love you too.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Oops, truncated URLs in two cases above. I have to go finish writing a Lenten meditation but I'll post the proper URLs a bit later this evening.

Peace out,

Caroline Div.

8:16 PM  

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