Thursday, February 22, 2007

To My Andover Newton Classmate

Hi, colleague and classmate!

You came into class today and commented on my "fame" and said that your wife thinks you have no fashion sense and maybe we should talk.

You can tell your wife that PeaceBang thinks you look just nifty.

You were wearing a big blue sweater over your clerical collar today. The sweater was a pretty shade of blue and was all nubby and textured and nice. You looked warm. You were wearing some kind of perfectly fine pants and I didn't notice your shoes, but I noticed your very au courant eyeglasses that look great on you, and I think your beard and hair are great -- kind of shaggy and friendly but well-groomed. You've got energy and presence and you just get yourself all snazzed up and out of that collar and take that wife of yours out dancing.

Tell her that if she's worried about "no fashion sense," she's got the wrong guy.



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