Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sephora in Times Square

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On my recent quick little jaunt to NYC, I had to stop by the Mecca of cosmetics, Sephora.

For all of you who wondered what Sephora is, here it is!

I met a fabulous gal named Alison who helped me with skin care products.

SisterBang bought some eye cream, and MotherBang sat patiently and waited for us. She says that if it doesn't have Retinol in it, it's a waste of money. She swears by Sally Hansen Skin Brightener.

Happy Birthday, MotherBang! You don't look it!


Blogger Melanie said...

Hey PB,

Speaking of Elysian Fields (oh, I meant to say, Sephora), I want to vent just a little here. How do you feel about grooming products that come in containers not-fit-for-the-purpose-intended? (Not that Sephora is guilty of this so much, but as long as we were on the subject of capitals of great grooming products...)

During my last visit, my sister in New Orleans gave me a big tube of lavendar bath gel from Bath & Body Works, and the first time I used it, the darn thing got all soapy and slippery and jumped out of my hands, hitting the tub with a bang! Now, my bathtub, I'm glad to say, is a cast-iron tub coated with porcelain (don't get me started on those stupid plastic tubs that can't hold the heat of your bathwater -- talk about not not-fit-for-the-purpose-intended!!). And in the fall, the *cap* broke and became unuseable, not to mention I had to pick up little sharp shards of broken plastic out of the tub afterwards. Until I use up the stuff (and the lavendar *is* nice), I have to insert the tube top-side up into the wire shelf of the bath valet so that it stays dripless. Hope it doesn't dry out and get all yucky with the top open like that, but what can I do?

There are other product containers that get on my last nerve too -- such as things that are supposed to be used over the sink that come in *glass* containers, or things that you're supposed to use only a *drop* of, but it dispenses a big ol' glop and you have to figure out how to get the extra back into said container, and those giant wide-mouth cream jars that get product up under your lovely, just-manicured fingernails, and...

Well, you get the idea. Maybe I'm just cranky, because Spring hasn't sprung -- that ice storm here in Jersey last week put me over the edge! -- but I just had to vent about product containers that thwart their purpose.

You were great on TV, dear PB, and just keep on with your bad self!

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