Sunday, March 04, 2007

When You Write To Me

My darling readers,

I love that you read this blog, I love that you comment on this blog, I love that you write to me off-line and ask wonderful questions or make wonderful suggestions about this topic.
I don't love the fact that I lose some of your e-mails or accidentally delete them, or just plain miss them, or just plain don't get back to you.

If you write to me off-line and don't hear back from me, please don't take it personally, and please submit your inquiry again if it's a pressing matter. This isn't so much a time management issue as it is a "bumbling with technology" issue. It takes very little time to respond, so don't hesitate to write in!

UU Momma, you are one example of someone whose e-mail I lost and I wanted to say "hi" and "How nice to know who you are, and love your blog!"

Kiss of peace and blessed Sabbath to you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear PB- I have something to ask you, something of a- ahem- slightly delicate, yet sartorial matter- I write as someone both living in the South and as a woman whose hormones are surging (my "inner child" playing with matches!) In short, I perspire when I preach/, the question is, what about dress shields? Rememebr those from our mother's time? Are they any good? Worth using? Can I just cut up something else with an adhesive back and stick that in my armpits? And, while Im at it- anyway to get those pesky sweat stains out besides running home and dunking my shirt in white vinegar? Thanks for answering this embarassing question- N

3:29 PM  
Blogger Shaktidas said...

Dear PB,
This is a great blog... but I wonder... what fashion tips can you offer to those among us who are, well, gender different? I am a somewhat "butchy" woman... Pants suits are my thing. Think Ellen DeGeneres. Any tips for the likes of me? (There are others...)

10:41 AM  

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