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The Elegant Mr. Kevin Spacey

Elegant Mr. Spacey
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Hello darlings!
Are we holy yet? Are your Maundy Thursday homilies written, the Communion bread baked, the candles ordered, the baptismal fonts scrubbed (with something non-abrasive, of course), and the silver polished? Are your Easter sermons coming together in your mind, at least, if not yet on paper?

Mine is, I'm happy to tell you. I climbed into bed today with Walter Bruegemann and Fred Craddock-- with their writings, I mean, you naughty kittens-- and got totally inspired. Not only did I get my Easter sermon off of these two fine gents, I'll have the pleasure of meeting them in person at the Festival of Homiletics in Nashville this May. Picture a cartoon PeaceBang with stars instead of pupils in her eyes!

Speaking of fine gents, I have always thought that Kevin Spacey was one fine specimen of gentleman. He's always impeccably groomed and turned out, and he has a terrific sense of personal style.

I'm curious about a few things:

1. Is Kevin Spacey intentionally trying to evoke a more elegant era, or is his nattiness entirely intuitive?

2. Are Kevin Spacey's style choices a tribute to his old-school acting mentors like Jack Lemon and Jason Robarts? (That would be interesting, because I remember Jason in an old comfortable cardigan sweater. But that was at home. I don't know what he wore in public. )

3. Did the fact that Kevin Spacey is totally and effortlessly swellegant contribute to the Old Vic's decision to hire an AMERICAN actor to be their Artistic Director? I mean, they never offered the job to Marlon Brando or any other American -- even one who wasn't a falling down drunk womanizer. What an honor for our Kev!

4. How does Kevin's soigne persona contribute to his success as fundraiser and steward of his venerable institution?

5. Does he ever wear jeans to work? If so, what kind?

6. Would he let me interview him after the matinee of "Moon For the Misbegotten" on April 18th? Because I am a HUGE FAN, and also in that kind of charmingly delusional way I have, I feel that we would crack each other up and have a grand old time. But a brief grand old time, because I imagine that's a pretty grueling performance and one must rest before the 8:00 show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest PB,

My lovely daughter tuned me into your blog last winter and I check daily for spiritual nurture, style advice and often just for a giggle. It's so nice to be in touch with other clergy who can understand a quest for the perfect shoe (beyond Birks and wool socks) and tasteful handbag.

I am also attending the Festival of Homeletics in May - my first trip to Nashville - and I am writing for some advice on what to expect weather-wise and what would be the appropriate dress when one is going to be in the same room as people one admires completely (Re: your bedmates et al.)

Thanks a bunch,
Rev Kate

11:03 PM  
Blogger Shaktidas said...

Well, now I feel inadequate because my Maundy Thursday homily isn't even written yet.

Kevin S. is a stylish man, agreed.

8:05 AM  
Blogger womynrev said...

when I worked at the Juilliard School (you've got to say it in a pretentious voice--the JOOO-li-aahd skyoool), Kevin Spacey was the commencement speaker one year. As Wardrobe Supervisor, I was not cool enough to actually *meet* him, but I did have the grand honor of sending the academic gown he borrowed to the cleaners after the ceremony.

I am unashamed to admit that my womyn loving self *totally* has a man-crush on him. And that is how I know that not only does he dress well as PB observes, he wears a lovely, understated and clean-smelling cologne and apparently does not sweat *at all*, even in black polyester over a full suit in the heat of an early summer graduation ceremony.

Yes. it is true. I sniffed Kevin Spacey's discarded academic robe.

Don't even try to tell me you wouldn't have done the same.


9:21 AM  
Anonymous Sola said...

Perhaps a bit of an answer here:

That man will always surprise us... :-)

9:44 AM  

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