Sunday, May 07, 2006

When Breath Kills

How well I remember approaching a colleague at an evening event and almost falling over at the first whiff of his garlicky breath. "Just come from dinner?" I inquired with a smile. "Yea," he responded con brio. "We had Italian."

"I would have guessed Greek," I said, and slipped him a mint, brushing a bit of bread crumb off his beard (I thought it was feta cheese) and straightening his tie before sending him out to meet his public.

It's a good thing he was speaking from a distance that night. Can you imagine the fate of the poor bed-ridden hospital patient receiving a visit from their pastor with such breath? If we believe in a healing God, we should not be Angels of Death Breath.

Darlings, thou shalt not leave the house without thy Altoids.

Even better are my favorite dental picks that you can get in handy little boxes from the health food store. I always have a box in my car and in my purse. They get out the icky food particles that cause bad breath and are dipped in refreshing, antibacterial tea tree oil, what a bonus!

PeaceBang recommends:
>Tea Tree Oil Dental Picks by Desert Essence, $3.25 for 100 at

>Carrying a hanky at all times


Blogger juniper68 said...

I see that I cannot afford to take week off from reading this blog. My mind is officially whirling.

Hey, here's a question. now that I have all this great stuff, it's cluttering up my counter. what do you recommend to stow it in?

11:57 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Well, Juniper, I got myself a cunning little Martha Washington sewing desk about ten years ago for about $40 and refinished it. It's my vanity table and I adore it. I found a mirror in Mexico that I installed on the top of it, so I can do all my detail work and hairstyling there, too.

My heavens, just have fun with wherever you keep it. A little tray with plastic containers from Target or Wal-Mart works fine. I have some of my lipsticks in a cracked sugar bowl, and I pick up little wooden make-up holders on various trips. Nothing expensive.

When I do stage shows I carry all my make-up in a plastic make-up case that looks like a tackle box. It's great, it's portable, and Caboodles sells one, if memory serves.

EVERY girl should have some kind of vanity table or counter. Mirrored trays are gorgeous with perfume bottles on them.

12:16 AM  
Blogger boyinthebands said...

If dinner is garnished with parsley, I make sure I finish with it. (Without drawing attention to this eccentricity.)

12:24 AM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

As long as you don't get parsley stuck in your teeth, my fresh-breathed lamb!

10:51 AM  

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