Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rev. Peck's Bad Boy

Do you know why this adorable minister (whose age you will NEVER guess, not even if I give you five free tries) is wearing this ridiculous chapeau?
Rev. Peck's Bad Boy

Mostly because he was joking around, but since there may be a minister or priest out there wearing a sideways baseball cap in perfect seriousness, I feel I must comment.

Since I deeply love and admire this colleague (and look how cute he is without the cap!), I begged him for a real explanation. I knew there must be one, or I would be compelled to snatch the offending item off his head and run as fast as my 3" wedge sandals would take me.

My colleague refused to be intimidated by my line of questioning. He told me with a great twinkle in his eye that he wore the cap sideways because if wore the bill in front, it would interfere with his ability to HUG people! And then he demonstrated a hug both ways. PeaceBang was left to conclude that yes, it is impossible to properlty hug someone when wearing a baseball cap as it should be worn. Which persuaded her that in fact, baseball caps should just not be worn. Period. Ever.
Only if you're kidding, and only for a few minutes even then.


Blogger boyinthebands said...

Yes, many of us know this Dear Colleague. In this case, I would prescribe a beret. He could pull it off, and no offending bill.

There's a man who rides my morning bus -- an academic (I think) in his early 60s; he could be Philocrites's father to look at him -- whose usual spring/fall costume is, from the bottom, loafers, cuffed baggy jeans, some kind of shirt (oxford cloth I bet), hooded sweatshirt (hood down, which gives an offbeat academic visual clue), tweed jacket, snow white goatee, and a beret. Something effortless, geeky, casual, unselfpossessed yet uncannily put together about it. I want to be him some day.

11:46 PM  

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