Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stepford Preacher

In this little back-and-forth in the comments section,

Hafidha talks about her aversion to overly-coiffed clergy people.
I think she makes a very interesting and important point, which is that we do tend to suspect folks who are too camera-ready of being inauthentic and out to sell us something.

I understand this reaction, but I think it's not a matter of clothes and grooming as it is of personal style. All the guys and gals I know who are Barbie and Ken Clergy -- "Hi! God loves you! Give us lots of money so that I can buy a Dream Camper to go on mission trips in!" -- are fakey nightmares with or without the Mystic Tan and $100 haircuts. They smell inauthentic. Their clothes and make-up don't make them into Stepford Revs. -- they were that way in the first place, and simply sought the public look that would express their plastic interiors.

Don't be afraid of the Beauty, friends. If you're your true, warm, good and loving Spirit-filled self, everyone will smell that long before they smell your Eau de Merveilles by Hermes.*

*PeaceBang's personal scent, which she hopes she doesn't wear too much of. If she stinks to high heaven when you meet her, please draw her aside and quietly hand her a Dickinson's Witch Hazel towelette, a travelin' well-groomed guy or gal's best friend.


Blogger boyinthebands said...

Please say more about the witch hazel. I've avoided it because of the alcohol content, which I thought was a 100% no-no for skin care.

8:51 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

You are SO RIGHT, honeylamb. For daily use, the hazel is a bit harsh and could strip your skin. Even oily skinned lads and lasses don't want to over-strip the skin, which just causes the sebacous glands to produce MORE oil! Egads!


However, Dickinson's makes a wonderful little witch hazel towelette that I take with my on all my travels for quick clean-ups and face freshening. They put aloe vera in it so it's not drying, and for those times you can't make it back to the hotel to do a proper wash-up, the Dickinson's are wonderful. You can get your neck and ears freshened up, too.

Word to the wise: don't store the towelettes for over a year or two as they will lose their moisture even in their individually wrapped foil packets.

9:02 PM  
Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Hmm. I do believe you are right! I will try not to be intimidated by the beautiful people!

11:53 PM  
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