Thursday, July 20, 2006

Loehmann's Is Kind Of The Holy Land

Darling dears,

An alert reader just informed me of the fact that there is a LOEHMANN'S in Massachusetts! Just an hour away!!
(Warning: it's a very irritating website)

If you're a bargain hunter who's after classic looks and gorgeous designer options cheap, cheap, cheap, hie thee to Loehmann's. You will have such fun shopping there, and you'll come away with fabulous bargains.

When PeaceBang was a little girl, her aunts and uncles would come visit, drop their bags in the guest room, stop in the kitchen for a short chit-chat and a bit of nosh, and head straight to Loehmann's for armloads of cashmere sweaters and designer deals.

PeaceBang's family had plenty of money, believe me, but why just throw it away when you can get such steals at Loehmann's?
(Can you hear the New York Jewish accent creeping in as I say that? I can't help it! I come by it honestly!)

PeaceBang is especially thrilled because for the past three weeks or so, she's been hearing SisterBang just gush on and on about the fabulous bargains she's picked up at Loehmann's (the old store in CT where I was born), and honestly, PB was getting to the point of wanting to stuff a cashmere sweater in her dear sister's mouth. Now when SisterBang starts in on the absolutely darling items she got at Loehmann's, PeaceBang can say, "I KNOW! I got something EVEN BETTER for even LESS just TODAY!"

Hear that, Miss SisterBang? Prepare yourself to be bored by MY tales of Loehmann's bargains! HA! Now pass the chicken liver. I want to have a little nosh before I head out.


Blogger mibi52 said...

Of course, there is a downside: the communal fitting room. Some of us don't want to show our nasty bits (the force of gravity, you know) to the rest of the world. That said, I've found the lovely things at our Loehmann's here outside of D.C., especially dressy things.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Oooh, yes, the Loehmann's in the Boston area is fab. Can't believe you didn't discover it before. I have two dress-up (as in, I wear one to academic conferences and the other to weddings) outfits I got there something like 12 years ago, at least (one, alas, is wearing out) and they are high-class. One is silk and the other is bemberg, which is either another name for rayon or some magic fabric that is like rayon but isn't rayon and about whose origin there is some disagreement. Does anyone know the scoop on that? Whatever it is, it's wonderful stuff, for dresses especially and in some cases for light jackets.

The communal fitting room isn't so bad. It's kind of like the no-fitting-room at Filene's Basement (the original one -- though I hear they have installed fitting rooms somewhere there), part of The Experience. And there's a kind of solidarity of "I-found-a-bargain-that-fits!" in that room.

Plus, the other people there are too worried about *their* nasty bits to worry about yours or mine.

Have fun -- I haven't been there in too long. Let us know what you find!

CD (who will be eternally grateful to Momma Divine for introducing her to Loehmann's AND for locating the one in the Boston area for her)

8:56 PM  

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