Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Survival Tips

It's bloody hot out, isn't it?

So PeaceBang changes her skincare and haircare regime a bit, and her make-up, and encourages you to do the same.

Skin gets exfoliated more often -- gently -- to slough off dead skin baked by the sun. I use the Stone Crop Masque for sensitive skin by Eminence, which is organic, expensive and delicious:

We do not go out of doors without SPF 30 on the face, and I've switched to a water-resistant brand that even protected my face while I was lolling for hours in mom's pool:

As for make-up, I brush some brightening powder on my lids, slick a thin line of black eyeliner on the top lid, curl lashes and apply water-resistant mascara (not on the bottom lashes if its too humid and I'll be sweating there), and apply some ravishing sexy red lipstick (Dragon by Chanel) that I could NEVER get away with in the paler months. But since my skin is darker, it just looks rich and lovely and shiny.

If I have nowhere in particular to go, it's just mascara and sheer lipgloss.

If you color your hair (and who doesn't?), make sure to protect it with a hat whenever possible, and deep-condition it regularly. I like a $5 conditioner from Fructis that comes in a little green plastic container. It smells good, you slop it on and cover your noggin with a plastic shower cap, take your shower, and rinse it off in three minutes. It makes your hair limp and shiny, but don't fret: go with the flat. Tie a scarf around it or put in some mature, elegant barrettes. Your hair needs a break from the hairdryer and all the volume-building products.

MotherBang, who is retired but still has a glamorous life as a chanteuse, protects her colored hair from the sun with this Redken product:

If you're seeing more breakouts on your forehead lately, try wearing your hair off your face with a scarf or headband (but nothing too Alice-In-Wonderlandy, please, ladies). Fellas, your products could be causing breakouts on the forehead or around the edge of the face. Lay off the pomade for a few days and make sure to follow your face washing with a nice toner of something like Witch Hazel if you don't feel like springing for the expensive stuff.

If you have oily skin and feel slick by 2:00 in the afternoon, for heaven's sake wash your face again. Especially if you're going to be out and about visiting. When people see themselves in their pastor's face, it should in the metaphorical sense only.

PeaceBang and MotherBang recommend:

Eminence StoneCrop Masque
Murad Pomegranate Face and Body Sunblock SPF 30
Garnier Fructis Deep Conditioner
Redken UV Rescue Daily Sun Milk Leave-In
Witch Hazel (used sparingly around the periphery of the face to combat summer break-outs)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why "sparingly" with the WitchHazel? Is it too drying?

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