Friday, September 29, 2006

The DVF Woman

La Diane
Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

PeaceBang ADORES Diane von Furstenburg. She adores her looks, she adores her glamour, her style, her life story, her unapologetically voracious sexuality, her moxie.

Imagine PeaceBang's absolute delight when she discovered the latest issue of The New Yorker on the newstands featuring an article about DVF. It's truly wonderful and chock full of spiritually meaningful insights, and I'm truly not joking about that.

Plus, in addition to the spiritual insights, you get DVF arguing with FAB shoe designer Christian Louboutin about the evils of the wedge heel. Apparently DVF considers them an outrage against the female leg, so I'm sure she would express complete horror over my little hoof-like Steve Madden knock-offs. DVF, you complete me.


(Here are some Louboutins for you to drool over)



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