Sunday, October 01, 2006

When Matching Is Too Much

I want to be gentle about this, because I totally understand the good intent behind this idea, but I saw something that puzzled and concerned me today.

What I am specifically referring to is that I saw a really cute, 30-something female colleague wearing a turtleneck under her robe that matched quite spiffily with her stole. The combined effecte was to make the robe and stole seem not so much like vestments, but more like outerwear of a kicky sportswear ensemble.
Vestments are not sportswear, and we should not treat them as such. That's why it's really best to wear something very traditional under a robe, such as a white blouse. I think that Geneva gowns with no blouse collar whatsoever under them look unfinished on a woman, especially without a hood.

Again, I appreciate the effort to do something attractive with the robe, I just think the choice didn't work.



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