Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trish McEvoy Make-Over: PeaceBang Gets Dolled Up

Powder pigeons, I almost forgot to tell you about my

FABULOUS MAKE-OVER WITH TRISH McEVOY last week! Last Wednesday, I took my blotchy, haggard unmade-up self over to Beauty and Main

where a huge girl party was in progress. There were 28 make-up artists in attendance and none other than Trish McEvoy herself, hugging, praising, gushing and pimping products like there's no tomorrow.

PeaceBang, while inwardly laughing at this spectacle of materialism, false promises and vanity, of course LOVED it all.

When you have a make-over, pigeons, you must be prepared for a hard sell. You must be prepared for an onslaught of faux love and admiration for your beautiful skin, your gorgeous eyes, your perfect mouth, or whatever other feature your make-over artist chooses to flatter you about in the attempt to get you to purchase products to enhance that reportedly perfect feature. Yes, I know there's irony in this: if my skin is so perfect, why do I need Trish McEvoy's perfecting make-up at all? But this is the way it goes, my sweet and earnest people, so do just let go and enjoy the ride. The make-up artists aren't totally shining you on: like PeaceBang, they see your potential loveliness and they want to help you achieve it.

When Trish McEvoy comes over HERSELF to greet you and say, "Isn't this FUN?" from behind tired eyes, hug her right back and remember that she is a super-duper cosmetics mogul and that she has every right to be a bit pinched around the edges. Give her chocolate, because she's one of those super-thin chic New York women who appears to have been dieting since the 8th grade. She is one snappy little item, kids.
trish mcevoyPeaceBang wishes she could say more enthuastic things about Trish's products, which are very high quality but just not my favorite line for entirely personal reasons having to do with my penchant for more snazz. I think Trish's line is elegant and understated. PeaceBang is neither of those things.

PeaceBang came away from her make-over with a case of the appreciative little secret giggles, the heady aroma of top-notch cosmetics in her nostrils, and some severely over-priced base foundation, a gorgeous new make-up brush, and some Beta Hydroxy pads that look exactly like the old Stridex pads we used to use in 1982 for our teenaged zits. Except maybe 12 times the price. Now this is important: alpha hydroxies (and apparently beta hydroxies, too, although PeaceBang smells a gimmick here, since she's never heard of BETA hydroxies) are an excellent NON-ABRASIVE exfoliant. You should be using a non-abrasive exfoliant on a regular basis if you're over 30, and find a good one.
I am seeing some improvement already, and they don't cause my easily inflamed skin to get red. I am using them twice a week rather than the daily application recommended on the packaging.

As for the make-up application, PeaceBang understands that she's an unusual client in that she's pretty much an expert with make-up herself, and she's just not going to be much impressed with the soft, understated look that most suburban housewives hanker after. She wants bold, fun, dramatic, etc. I did learn a nice technique for applying smoky eyeshadow to the crease of the lid (dab a round brush into the shadow, position it in the crease and make like a windshield wiper with your little wrist, smudging the shadow down into the outer edge of the eyelid) but other than that, the look was fine, not great. HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, that understated look may be just what some of you cosmetophobes out there are looking for, so perhaps a Trish McEvoy make-over would be just perfect for you.

Go have a make-over! Know how much you can spend, ask lots of questions, and enjoy the attention!!

PeaceBang Recommends:

Stay away from this over-priced product, Skin Perfecting Foundation:
http:// It's messy, it really needs to be applied with a brush, and it's not miraculous.

Do get a Skin Shine compact. Trish makes several shades,and I ADORE mine. $32 and it will last at least a year. Stay away from the matte bronzer, which just made my skin look dirty.

The Beta Hydroxy pads may be the only answer for gals like me who have found that every other decent exfoliant irritates their sensitive skin. I'm excited about the prospects.



Anonymous jinnis said...

Thanks for taking the time to note Trish's own tiredness. Boy, being in a people business requires a lot of energy, even for us extroverts. Even if I had no intention of getting anything, I often buy some small thing if I see people working hard.

And thanks for the report!

A note - the beauty and main link on your post seems to have an extra http when clicked.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Satchel Pooch said...

I went for a makeover exactly once. My friend (who really is gorgeous) got the "look at that flawless skin" treatment in the chair right next to me. I got a long, appalled look, and then a muttered, "Let's start by doing something about your redness problem." This only confirmed my suspicion that beauty is for the already-beautiful. Regardless, I get a kick out of your blog -- thanks, PeaceBang.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is one I always turn to for a smile--thank you! Some of us at work recently found a website you might find Say you're hooked on one brand or another of skin cream, eye cream, shampoo, or what have you. These folks will tell you what the active ingredients are in the $100+ bottle you splurge on and then help you re-create it for like $20. Pretty amazing, and they'll email you back at length to talk about your needs--I've kicked the Kinerase habit and am now mixing my own stuff. Cool! Keep up the great blogging....

5:54 PM  

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