Monday, December 04, 2006

Why We Must Not Avoid Mirrors

PeaceBang discovered to her horror last night that the nice v-necked shell she was wearing under a cardigan was actually an invitation to a Festival of Inappropriate Sharing. She discovered this while seated in front of a mirror long after the day was done and the harm had been caused. Quelle horror! Sacre bleu! Why did she not check the view from here before leaving the house?

"Thank God I didn't wear this to church," quoth she to her FMPT.*
"Yes, you did," he responded.

PeaceBang felt the hot flush of realization creep across her face.

"But I didn't wear it to MY church," she said, and she is leaving it at THAT, with the hopes that the lovely Christians with whom she shared an Advent worship service and fellowship hour last night will be good enough to forgive her sartorial indiscretions.

Darlings! Do not make my mistake! Check all angles before gadding about to your next event. Check the rear, check the front, and for heaven's sake, if you'll be seated at any point during the event, check the view from a seated position!
Adjust as necessary, using either a discreet safety pin or a big, beautiful holiday brooch. Bling can hide a multitude of over-sharing situations.

* = Favorite Male Product Tester

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Blogger CK said...

"Festival of Inappropriate Sharing!" That's awesome. My workplace has just had training to avoid Inappropriate Sharing, which goes on all the time.

Everyone laughed at the photographs, but then came in the next day still prepared to share. I don't get it (but then again, I only wear button down shirts and pants and am never tempted to share what I don't have, anyway).

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Lorna said...


YOu are so funny.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Chalicechick said...

CK, I would LOVE to sign my office up for that workshop...


5:58 AM  

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