Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happiness Is a Good Massage

How are we today, my little candy canes? Are our shoulders hunched up around our ears yet, as we step into the first Sunday in Advent?

PeaceBang's certainly were, as she has a 20-page paper due on Tuesday and a 7-page paper due later in the same blessed week. She is just a wee bit twitchy just about now, so today she decided to get out in the sunshine to take a walk, and she called a local spa and begged for a massage appointment (they were very nice about it and got me right in).

PeaceBang is a big fan of massage and was so relaxed she fell asleep on the table under the ministrations of one Jennifer With Very Strong Hands.

It was kind of like this, except in a much smaller, darker room. I also did not have my raven tresses splayed glamorously out on a pillow -- mostly because I don't have raven tresses -- and for some reason there wasn't a hot guy hanging out in the pool. Probably because there wasn't a pool.

PeaceBang instructed Jennifer to hurt her -- using a meat tenderizer, if necessary -- and as a result, PeaceBang is looking forward to that pleasant soreness tomorrow morning. She's drinking a lot of water now to FLUSH THE TOXINS from her body. That's what they always say to do, so I'm doing it.

PeaceBang is so fine and dandy just about now that she's not even mad about being kept on hold for ten minutes by Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa card, whose web site is so terribly disorganized and whose customer service is so lousy that she's cancelling her account.

For a healthy glow and a happy body, let someone rub you the right way this Advent! If you can't get to a spa for financial or geographic reasons, hand your honey a meat tenderizer and tell him or her where to bang on ya!



Anonymous Alison said...

Another idea for those who want a massage but can't afford a pro, call your local massage school and see if they need any volunteers to practice on. My husband is in massage school, and they have to do lots and lots of practice hours to get certified.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second Alison's comment--for those readers in the Washington, DC area (and I know there are many), try Potomac Massage Training Institute ( They have both student and professional rates, and both are quite good. And WAY cheaper than a regular massage.

10:26 AM  

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