Monday, February 12, 2007

The Photographer Is Here!!

Right now, my dears, a photographer from the Boston Globe is taking photos of me blogging, and I'm trying not to have a nervous breakdown or to worry about my hair. I didn't have time to get a manicure and my nails are hee-deous, and of course we're getting lots of close-ups of them. *sigh*

I'm laughing because this is all so funny. How do you get interesting photos of something that happens almost entirely and exclusively on line, with people typing??


We took some photos of me blogging, then we took some photos of me standing in the doorway holding yellow roses. I bought the roses to have in the background of the typing-on-the-computer scene, but the photog. wanted me holding them. I felt like Miss America, so I hope they don't run those.

We went to the church and featured me on the front steps with some of the shoes we've discussed on here, and some of the products I've reviewed, plus hairbrushes and make-up brushes. The photographer wanted to take the photos inside the church, but for all that I'm perfectly willing to promote the idea that even ministers of historic congregations care about their 21st century image, there's no need to show me applying lipstick in the sanctuary (an idea I put the kibosh on).

Yesterday in church I was stopped twice by attentive and lovely women: one who tucked my tags back inside the neck of my shirt when I first got to church, and later by another who said, "I want to comb out your tassel" and who proceeded to do a bit of stole beautification before I went into the pulpit. I thought, "I get the distinct feeling that PeaceBang could only have been born within my ministry with this particular congregation."

Last year I got a fabulous red lipstick from someone as a Christmas gift; her signature color that I had admired for years. My Director of Religious Education wears a sports coat and a bow tie every single Sunday. There are about a dozen highly-regarded artists in the congregation, and a serious wide-spread patronage of all the arts. In this community, beauty is obviously a transcendent value. I think they birthed PeaceBang just as much as I personally did. Hmmmm. PeaceBang muses, chins on hand, squinting at her yellow roses (P.S. Thanks Mr. Photographer for trying to shoot me so that I wouldn't have three chins, but I'm not sure it can be done!).


Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Love the stole patrol.

Ministry is born of community. And gives birth to community. Which gives birth to ministry.

Congrats on the photog. Looking forward to the Publication of PeaceBang!

5:57 PM  

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