Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don't Give Your Scarf Top Billing

Happy Saturn's Day, powder pigeons!

May I speak to you about an interfaith workshop I attended yesterday?

It was a nice gathering of Christian clergy preparing for Lent. I looked around and thought, "Gadzooks, everyone! We're not even to Ash Wednesday yet! Why so drab and dreary?"
There was a preponderance of black and earthtones and sombre blues and greys swathed around pale, cosmetic-free faces. When I saw JM in a beautiful, rich teal cardigan, I was immediately drawn to her. Why, I even offered to preach for her this summer! I must have been vibrancy-starved and drab-addled indeed to do this, as I try very hard not to fill up summer Sundays with any plans but to be a happy worshiper myself.

One woman had gamely knotted a very shiny, bright pink Valentine's Day-themed scarf around her front. I inwardly hailed her effort to brighten up her outfit, but every time I glanced her way, what I saw was "SCARF!!!" and not her.

Sweet friends, scarves are great. They can snazz up an outfit, they can add some flair, and they can save you from the hell of trying to find a necklace and earrings that suit you and the occasion. On the gents, scarves can be natty and smart. But they are an accent. They are not a garment in and of themselves. Scarves should not obliterate your entire front and make their entrance before you do, stealing all the attention and upstaging you. YOU are the bringer of the good news. You are the one who engages the world in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with your God. Not your scarf. Don't give your scarf top billing. Your scarf is a supporting player.

If you're a woman and you choose to wear a scarf so bright that it borders on the garish, you must consider cosmetics. You must consider blush and lipstick and some mascara or your features will become entirely lost in the competition against the SCARF.

Try as I might, I cannot remember the first thing about the gal who was wearing the Valentine's Day scarf yesterday. All I recall is that blare of pink and red, and not the person behind it. And that's a shame.

Don't let your accessories cancel your face, dear ones. Everything that adorns your beauteous selves should enhance you, not erase you.
nice scarf, honey



Blogger Guillermo Rojas Iribarren said...

Good advice, sometimes is very necessary a cuota of simplicity!

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