Thursday, February 15, 2007

A PeaceBang Halo Goes To...

Rev. Kelly Murphy Mason
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I just found this photo of the lovely Rev.KMM of NYC, taken at a conference.

I think Kelly makes the Snazzy Clergy Babe list here. She's wearing a lovely feminine floral skirt, but she's not drowning in flowers and hearts and sunshine. She's got a bit of fashion-forward edge, which comes from her classic boots and opaque tights. She lives in New York City, and she gets it.

She's wearing a marvelous color for her red hair, and the scarf adds not only warmth, but a bit of drama to her sweater that tells me she's a creative person. She's wearing a little religious symbol around her neck; she's not letting it wear her.

She's hunkering down on the stairs for a photo, so there's no reason she couldn't hunker down with the youth group or a Sunday School class in this outfit, too. Or attend a meeting, make a hospital visit, write a sermon, pray, bake a cake, or go grocery shopping.

There's been a lot of talk among us lately about hunkerable clothing, but I think it's possible to do a lot of active things and still look nice. Unless you're cleaning out a garage or something, you should be able to participate in lots of ministerial activities in a decently put together outfit.

Think about it! Cripes, if Pa Ingalls could work in the field in a shirt and trousers and suspenders and if Ma could replace the straw ticking in the bedding wearing corsets and petticoats and long skirts, I think we can scramble around with the youth group in something a step up from jeans and tees.



Blogger Maggie said...

Very cute, but the neckline is too low. I wouldn't want to bend over in that particular top. Not good at the hospital or at the hormone-ridden youth group.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peacebang, I love what you do. I read you religiously! Here is a last minute plea for any advice: I am getting ordained this weekend. I'll be up there with all eyes on me! Can you give me some "Do's!" and "Don'ts!" as I plan my outfit, hair, and makeup for this important, life-changing event?

2:18 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

We had our convocation for the semester on Thursday morning, including the installation of a new professor. A VERY DISTINGUISHED THEOLOGIAN came in to offered the charge to our faculty member, who had been one of his top students. When the theologian turned around, I notice from the back of our chapel that his doctoral robes were rumpled from behind and tucked into his pants. It was precious, and made me think of you and your ministry

5:47 PM  
Blogger boyinthebands said...

Wait, I recognize that somewhat wrinkled man behind her . . . .

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Mer said...

cute, but running around with the youth group? i'd love to see that outfit after a game of Frozen Octupus Football in the Park with the Jr High Crowd (where these games are really wonderful)

Big People Meetings, I understand.
Interview Clothes, I've got a good grasp on
Ladies/Men's/Board Meetings, I can dress appropriately for. I've got a good collection of Dressy/Dressy Casual Stuff

even Going to McDonalds /Starbucks So I can Meet With a Teenager in a Public Place i can find an outfit that works.

But when you have those days when you need to do all three of those, then run a messy Jr. High event and still look put-together when a parent comes to you with a serious question/concern/problem/brilliant suggestion..

it's a little tougher, and the "guy option" of "dressy collared shirt over a t-shirt and a smart pair of khakis" isn't an option for me :)

I'd love to see some suggestions from you, and perhaps other female Youth/Family people on how they do it! Becuase other than well-fitting jeans, I don't really know.

6:59 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

In order:
1. Maggie, I agree. But it's not a festival of inappropriate sharing. It just needs a careful yank at the shoulders to pull it up.

2. Anonymous, write me offline at my e-mail address. Send me a photo. Give me your phone number. This is a very important event, and I can certainly spare a few moments to help you feel at your best that day. PeaceBang is here for you, lovey.

3. Mer, I know. It's VERY challenging. I was once a youth minister myself, and had a Sunday Evening Service that segued directly into youth group: both for which I had chief ministerial responsibilities. It was crazy challenging.

I think knit skirts and cotton cardigans with matching shells are a good bet, if not very inspired. They have flexibility and "give," you can wear them with comfortable shoes, and you can still look appropriate.

When in doubt, dress for the most formal event/relationship you will be encountering in that outfit, and don't owrry if you're a bit overdressed for the youth stuff.
Just make sure everything is washable and fits well so you're not surprised by tugging or gapping when sitting on the floor.

8:24 PM  

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