Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dashes of CULL-ah

Beloved pigeons,

As the spring arrives and crocuses (croci?) raise their darling little heads and you are tempted to clean out the attic and the basement and the kitchen cabinets with such fervor that you throw out your back and have to preach the Easter sermon doped up on cocktail of Naproxin and morphine, let us consider together the use of cull-ah in our warm-weather wardrobes.

(It isn't color in Boston. It's "cullah.")

And really, it's best used as an accent.

PeaceBang has finally figured this out, and she is so excited! Color is good. We need more color in our clothing. Color has energy in it, it evokes emotions, it speaks of life and vibrancy. But head-to-toe color is too much. It confuses the eye, it is often unflattering to the body, and by far worst of all, it upstages the face. Wearing lots of bright colors - considered by some to be creative, fun and zany -- generally doesn't work for clergy. Do you want to be visited in the hospital by the Pink and Green Shirt and Skirt Combo? Or do you want to see your beloved pastor? Don't overdo the brights. Do add them into your wardrobe as you are able, but don't go nuts.

Neutrals and colors are wonderful together. Try a tailored charcoal gray suit with a bright yellow blouse, very au courant. A black suit with an orange or bright aquamarine silk shell underneath. Navy separates with lime green accents. Brown with touches of lavender.
Have fun, and enjoy. Adding dashes of bright color means that you can wear the same basic pieces again and again and again, changing them up with your accents of cull-ah.

Bright, bright yellow is very "in" this spring. Great color, but dear God, wear it away from your face unless you're very dark-skinned.



Anonymous MissConduct said...

Orange is also a great accent color. Horrible on its own for 95% of skin colors, but brilliant with brown, tan, olive, white, or any host of neutrals.

11:52 PM  

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