Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shout-Out To My Gnostic Posse

It has come to my attention that a cadre of Gnostics are readers of this blog, and occasionally contribute fabulous comments.

PeaceBang would like to extend a special hello to the Gnostic babes out there while admitting to them that she is woefully untutored on the basics of their beliefs, and begs their forgiveness in advance if she accidentally reveals her ignorance in future posts.

In the meantime, she will try to visit some of their sites and wrap her mind around their philosophy, but isn't promising to understand very much.

That's all, and good night Gnostics and everyone else.


Blogger Roger Kuhrt, PhD said...

Peace Bang--I suspect that I am somewhat responsible for this phenomenon--you are so good and I wanted to share something special with my Gnostic community--sooooo I sent your URL out on some blogs and fourms--especially to Juliana (who is just marvelous).

Gnosis is what lies within facticity when one cuts through trying to be literal. So Christ becomes archtypal, and Jesus is incarnate LOVE of the unconditional type.

Gnosticism is the most radical form of Humanism that exists on the planet and Gnostics are also among the clearest practicing Christians I know. Most are a good 20-30 years younger than I, but they allow a crusty old dude like myself to "play" with them and their "sandbox" always has open doors.

You might find the blog of Fr. Jordan Stratford enlightening--google him and check it out. He is your age and unfortunately (for you) he is married because he is just a fabulous looking male human being.

I suspect if one could genetically join UU Earth Based folks and UU Christians--the result would begin to look like Gnosticism.

thanks for being accepting of them--you are the very presence of hospitality and acceptance.
Cheerfully, R.

4:27 AM  
Blogger Chalicechick said...

Gnosticism question:

My knowledge of Gnosticism come sort of sideways through Jung, but my understanding has always been that Gnostics have a sort of harcore Cartesian Mind-body dualism thing going on where the physical body is considered basically a shell that the Gnostics are trying to transcend.

Given that, why beauty tips?


7:56 AM  
Blogger Roger Kuhrt, PhD said...

cc: That dualism is a part of the "putdown" of gnostics historically and is to some extent a misunderstanding of Gnosis. You would need to be familiar with the Creation Story related to Sophia to get a handle on what that means and why.

As for why, beauty tips--Juliana and others were discussing fashion and I entered that conversation and suggested they look at PB's Beauty Tips for Ministers.

And yes, Jung was gnostic. You might be interested in +Stephan Hoeller's book: The Gnostic Jung if you haven't already seen it.

Cheerfully, RK

5:54 PM  

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