Thursday, July 06, 2006

You Can Smell So Spaishul

SisterBang, also known as The Vanilla Bomb, is all in a girlie tither about this site:

Seems she ordered some delish perfume from them -- by the description alone she knew she wanted it, which I wouldn't recommend for everyone, because you've got to let a scent mingle with your own body chemistry to really know if it's going to work -- but Monyette Paris worked sight-unseen (or unsmelled) for SisterBang. She is known for smelling heavenly and for having men follow her down the street, so you might want to pick up a bottle.

She's all delirious over the fact that she got FIVE free samples with her order that she was able to select herself (as opposed to having five loser scents dumped on her) and that her package arrived all done up in chiffon and lace and butterflies and pretty ponies and god-only-knows-what-all-else.

She says, "It's like getting a little present for yourself!"

And who doesn't deserve a little present!?
Have fun. There's some perfumer named Fifi on the site, so how could you go wrong, really?


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