Friday, August 11, 2006

Barbie Is Not Beautiful (and Not Happy)

So today I was out doing the one productive thing I got accomplished all day (I'm supposed to be on study leave, but there was someone I really wanted to visit) and I stopped at the Stop & Shop where I saw this

with long, long skinny legs and no body fat whatsoever and all kinds of bone structure and long, champagne blonde hair.
She had two kids and she looked just like she stepped out of a porn movie, except that I haven't seen a porn movie in several decades, so maybe they don't look so much like blow-up dolls anymore.

Anyway, heads were turning everywhere to look at her, and I thought to myself, "Is that what we think is beautiful? Look at all the attention she's getting. And yet, broken down element by element, this woman looks like a miserable, starved, over-peroxided Gucci bag." People, she was tanned like a bag.

I figured someone thinks she should keep maintaining that look. I hope it's herself and not some dude who snapped her up as a trophy wife and who tells her on a regular basis that she's getting a little "hippy."

Poor living Barbie. She really did look harried and deeply unhappy, even though she had two cute little squirts with her. All that blonde couldn't hide the lines in her face and all that tan couldn't hide the lacklustre ashiness of her skin. That girl needs some nutrition, and stat. Even her hair looked hungry.

Anyway, I wound up thinking that, although we look like two different species entirely, I was not missing anything by not trying to fit into that brand of beauty.

Meanwhile, please pray for me, as I am currently birthing a cow out of my butt.
Thank you. I mean it.


Blogger Aola said...

Recently our daughter (who has Down's Syndrome and could care less that she is 5' tall and a dumpling)and I were at a gym where women were doing kickboxing. She looked at one young, skinny, tanned pony-tailed girl and said "Look, it's Barbie"

10:27 PM  
Blogger boyinthebands said...

That's not where heifers come from.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Sravana said...

Perhaps folks were gaga over how awful she looked... ??

6:33 PM  

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