Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NYC Fashion & SisterBang's Picks

Fashion-clueless readers, you can do nothing better for yourself than to get to NYC for a day and simply people-watch in Midtown. I saw beautiful woman after beautiful woman, and I was just in gasping admiration all day.
And believe me, we're not talking richy-rich chic and glam here. We're talking attention to shape, great shoes, great colors, and a confident stride. But again I must emphasize SHAPE, SHAPE, SHAPE.

I saw loads of crisp, fitted white blouses with cotton skirts. I saw hundreds of pairs of flattering trousers. I saw NO skirts below the knee, and dozens of lovely, professional skirts at or slightly below or above the knee. I saw sweater sets in whimsical colors set over elegant trousers and pointy toed shoes. I saw ensembles consisting entirely of gorgeous, complimentary neutral shades. I saw many dramatic strands of beads and cotton-silk t-shirts on men and women. I saw men in suede loafers and French blue shirts, with great haircuts.

Shape, shape, shape. Get the latest issue of In Style and study it for shape and proportion.

SisterBang and I were walking in Times Square today and got sucked right into the new Korean cosmetics store, Missha. Couldn't be more darling, inexpensive, banging hip hop music playing, helpful salesgirls, and lots of freebies:



I'll let you know as soon as we've tested some products.

Meanwhile, back in CT...

SisterBang recommends:

>Tarte cheek stain in True Love
>Tarte Indelible Wink Eyeshadow/Liner (we did a fabulous smokey rock n' roll eye on her with this amazing product! I tried to buy one for myself but they were all out, and I'm not a bit surprised)
>Ponds Radiance Restored Age-Defying Skin Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
>Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion SPF 20


Blogger Juliana said...

Oh, if only I had a stretch-cami of nuclear-powered strength, I would nail those puppies and try a fitted little white blouse.

But TRY to find a fitted blouse for a DD chest. Yikes - impossible. On any frame. Z. Stratford and I sampled Seattle shopping this weekend - very nice. A place called "Mercer" is hip but pretty...

Problem is, while Z and I are totally different heights, we share the same problem with clothes. Pretty stuff ain't made for big-chested girls!

Well, lingerie from Frederick's yes, everything else no... We must expand our vestments line to include fabulous sweater sets and fitted blouses for the boob-led among us.

10:47 AM  
Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I'm curious: why no skirts below the knee?

juliana - I'm with you, babe. I've given up button up blouses, period.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Oooh, men in French blue shirts. Drool. I don't care what sexual orientation you all are, you gentlemen all look wonderful in French blue shirts and I will drool indiscriminately (but tastefully, into my crisply ironed white linen handkerchief).

Make it a banded-collar shirt and you get extra drools. Though with the regular collar and a fabulous tie, I will still need the handkerchief.

Thanks for the report, PeaceBang.

And speaking of Asian-originated cosmetics, has anyone tried the DHC line? What do you think?

(They are mail-order only, I think, and they give out free samples once you start buying. I haven't tried them, but had a friend who was getting them and have read their catalog a fair amount. They have a website too, of course.)

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say, I am a big fan, Peace Bang! Juliana -- check out the 'hide'n' seek' shaper camisole from Spanx.-- Corrals those puppies, and stays down! It comes in black and nude- perfect under fitted blouses, etc, etc. Gotta love 'em! And, for the DD gals, button down blouses ARE possible- you just need a good 'minimizer' bra- eliminates the 'gaps'
--- worship associate in Mpls.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

PeaceBang--I should very much like email you, as a colleague in ministry, about my own views on ministerial fashion. However, I've found no email link. How can the webbed masses contact you?

8:41 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hafidha, I should have said "No skirts WAY below the knee." They're just really, really out.

Not that I won't be wearing some of my old ones, but I'm trying to get readers to focus on shapes and cuts that will take them into a fresh look.

Eric, thanks for reading! An adorable colleague named Eric broke my heart this summer, so I'm not accepting any e-mails from any Erics!!!

Just kidding. About the second part, at least:

9:31 PM  
Blogger Juliana said...

There is no such thing as a "Luna Diva" which is not, ALSO, a Gnostic.

C'mon, you know you want to be "illicit." It's SO sexy - like tastefully translucent organdy blouses, just that soupcon of figure hiding beneath, accented by a lovely camisole.

I defy anyone who says you can't reduce theology to lingerie. :)

10:47 PM  

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