Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Carol's Daughter Products

Carol's Daughter makes such yummy products that you won't be sure whether to put it on your skin or hair or spread it on bread and eat it.

You probably could eat these products with no harmful side effects, but I wouldn't recommend it.

PeaceBang currently has the Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter all over her head and she's going to go to the gym and work out and let her sweaty, warm noggin activate that butter so that she not only gets a good work-out, but ends up with shiny, soft hair after her shower.
(You didn't just think that multi-tasking just means researching your sermon while talking on the phone, did you? You can also BEAUTY multi-task! Yes, Lord! Alleluja!)

Meanwhile, my friend L'il Flava has relocated from the mean streets of NYC to the dry, sunny climes of California and asks for your help in finding skin products that will help her moisturize, stay sun-protected, and not exacerbate oily skin and zit production.
Please help her transition from Urban Grad School Goddess to Glowing Yet Not Shining Professor.

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Anonymous jinnis said...

The products do look good enough to eat! I loved taking a look at the Sexy Belly butter for expecting moms.

And along those lines - do you have fashion recommendations for the reverend mothers-to-be? (No, not for me - yet. Just thinking ahead.) Seems there would be huge potential for overly earth-mother looks. I'm enjoying checking out Laura from Project Runway.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Siobhan said...

I can highly recommend the Philosophy line-- great products, for all skin care types- what's not to love about a moisturizer called "hope in a jar" or a combination product with sunscreen called 'shelter for the face'.

Since I began using Philosophy only four weeks ago, three people have stopped me in church to ask what I was doing- as my skin looks positively glowing!

10:36 AM  
Blogger Jeannie said...

Olay complete- SPF 15 and won't clog pores.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Durrell said...

I highly recommend Slinky Mink's products. Google it. Or visit the links page on my website ( Or go to the site directly ( The goddess who makes the products makes them especially for you, scenting them with the fragrance of your choice. And, they are full of Shea Butter for super soft and moisturized skin. You really should order some Slinky Minks lotions and potions and creams and balms and sprays right now. You'll be glad you did.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Send my love to Li'l Flava. She is a theo-ethical rock star.

Now, on to serious business.

I discovered through the one and only Dr. Hauschka facial I have ever had (I dream of more but certified Dr. Hauschka estheticians are hard to find, not to mention costly) that face oil does not necessarily make your skin more oily. Hence, I started using some, particularly during my years in Caifornia, not far from the Land of Li'l Flava. Then again, I am older than she is. Here in the humid Southeast, I have moderated my use of face oil, but only a little. I use it on my neck and around my eyes, and pat my cheeks with it. Sometimes I even still use it on forehead and nose; depends on season and time of the month. I use only the purest and least junk-ridden stuff; currently Aura Cacia's Apricot Kernel Oil, but I have also used the Burt's Bees Baby Bee oil (as I recall also has apricot kernel oil in it), which is light and lovely, and previously, when this whole face oil phase started, I used Weleda Iris Oil. For years. Alas, either they stopped making it or all the health food stores and holistic pharmacies in the Bay Area stopped carrying it. It was perfect. (All Weleda products are good, by the way.)

I also used a face cream from a lavender lady from Sonoma County, California(she was from Scotland, originally) who has now resettled to Portland, Oregon. The lavender fields are still in northern Sonoma County and I don't know if she sold them, rents them or what, but as far as I know it's the same lavender. I used to buy direct from her at the farmer's market (Li'l Flava knows which one I haunted) but then she moved. I just checked and she still has her website, and it appears to be updated since there are Oregon addresses and markets on it. You can order her face cream, which is nice and light, smells faintly of lavender, and has no junk in it (no parabens, no lauryth sulfates, no extra color, etc. -- nor do the face oils above, by the way, it's all very pure) and does a wonderful job. She also has an eye cream. I also recommend the hydrosols (see description on the website) which are great to a) carry around in your purse for a spritz throughout the day (or to keep at the office) and b) keep in the fridge for a spritz at home especially in the hot season. (All her products are made with lavender except for two of the hydrosols; one of those is rose geranium, which the aromatherapists will tell you has all kinds of heart- and mood-healing property. Of course lavender is great for the nerves. Heaven knows we people in the religion biz need to guard our nerves. Gentlemen, check these products out too. Hydrating your lovely skin is important. And lavender is nicely androgynous.)

I used these lavender products for years and just love the owner/maker. And was just thinking of ordering some of the face cream!

A little more expensive on the website than it was buying it straight from the source at the market, but worth it.

Oh, and I actually met the lavender fields -- while Lis (owner) was still living in CA I once had a weekend preaching gig north of her place and swung by the lavender farm on the way home to pay a visit. Mmmm. Saw the distilling thingies and all, too. (Don't ask me to get technical, it's late and I just watched the Project Runway finale and am drowning my sorrows in herbal tea.)

I have discovered since moving here to the shallow South (as opposed to the deep South) that they are growing lavender in these here parts. My California bias is that the lavender isn't as nice as it is in Mediterranean climates, but hey, it's lavender. The main lavender farm in the area apparently makes beauty products. I will check them out, read ingredient labels (you eat organic food, you wouldn't want to put chemical-ridden junk on your face, now would you?)and maybe try them out, and report back on my investigations. Meanwhile, check out Gladstone Botanicals. They're not just for West Coast people any more.

2:06 AM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Wow! I love lavender but have never used lavender skin products much-- lots of soaps and things, of course.

Thanks to all of you! Hopefully the Flava will be able to benefit from your wisdom.

10:04 AM  

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