Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reservations About "What Not To Wear"

PeaceBang has noticed, much to her horror, that many of the outfits vetted by Stacy and Clinton on "What Not To Wear" could be most honestly described as Butt Ugly.

While the fabulous duo are still great at certain aspects of fashion intervention, some of the clothes featured on the made-over participants have been simply heinous. There has been a particularly frightening trend toward atrociously ugly skirts of late -- skirts that are doubly offensive for being both ugly and expensive.

Also, PeaceBang cannot, in all good conscience, condone make-up artist Carmindy's penchant for slathering all the contestants in tan base and leaving off BLUSH. What have you got against BLUSH, CARMINDY? Cheeks are GOOD! Bone structure is GOOD!

It's still a hoot of a fun show, though. I'm going to be up all night writing church things because I just hunkered down for a "WNTW" marathon from 8-10:30.

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Blogger Katherine said...

Totally agreed about Carmindy's makeup philosophy. Although it should be noted, THAT WOMAN CAN PLUCK. She could make a chicken look like Kate Moss.

12:55 PM  

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