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Cosmetics That Work, And Skin Care Tips

More good comments I didn't want you to miss!

Jinnis writes,

"Ok, so I've looked at the lip colors, enjoyed the range of shades for Cargo eyeshadow, and even worn my set of Mary Kay colors for events beyond my wedding. But I have little tolerance for the taste of lipstick, and eye makeup always seems to drift into my eyes and irritate - thus defeating the purpose of highlighting the eyes.

I'm happy with my Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and moisturizer - this is the first combination of products to leave me blemish-free. I enjoy switching between lip balms - standard Chapstick spf 30 with a faint taste of lemon Italian ice and a recent find of Merry Hempsters organic hemp balm in peppermint. But I'm thinking about something more for lips and for eyes.

Burt's Bees has lip shimmers that are pleasantly minty but have little staying power and can be too sparkly in the lighter shades. All this is to ask - what products have the best taste, staying power, and are least irritating? And what is the minimum of products for someone who has not so much patience for wearing makeup at all?"

I wrote to Jinnis that make-up is a such a personal thing that the best way to find reliable brands is really the good ole trial and error.

PeaceBang has found that she doesn't much cotton to Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Almay, Burts Bee's, Neutrogena make-ups. They're either too wimpily pigmented, leading her to scream at spending $9 for a product she can't see on her face, they last all of ten minutes, or they're over-priced and over-fragranced in a way that makes her skin itch.

PeaceBang is a cosmetic harlot: she is loyal to no one. She gets her deliciously gooey lip glosses from MAC (expensive) and from Rimmel (super cheap). She gets foundation from Revlon (cheap) and from Trish McEvoy (expensive, and never again even though it's nice). She loves CoverGirl mascaras and never, ever buys any other kind. She worships CoverGirl lip color (Outlast All Day) although she dabbles in other brands as well. She rouges her cheeks with a wide variety products but loves the Revlon Skinlights line that comes in pink containers.
Trish McEvoy provides her winter-pale skin with a wash of glow and color, and Lancome fills in her brows. Shu Uemura glimmers on her eyelids, as does Cargo, Urban Decay, CoverGirl, Top Secret, and god knows what else.

The point is, be ecumenical and eclectic in your acquisition of beautification aids. Purchase them at places with generous return policies. Talk to salespeople and tell them what you need. Ask a lot of questions. Don't be intimidated. Stop people on the street and ask what they're wearing, who did they're hair, what fragrance they've got on. They'll LOVE you for it!

(Speaking of which, PeaceBang had lunch the other day with a woman whose skin was so luminous that PeaceBang had to accost her over Italian wedding soup to ask what products she uses.

She uses Neutrogena in a cream form that comes in a tube. Apparently CVS makes a generic version that comes in a maroon box that is a tiny bit heavier and works like a charm for dryer skin. Quoth our lovely lady, "Remind people to moisturize after they shower, because water really can be quite harsh and they need to replenish their oils."

She recommends Lancome Regenerie for eyes, a product I don't know but apparently earns raves from her sister.)

Finally, respect the importance of application. If you don't exfoliate, make-up will go on blotchy. If you don't moisturize, you'll get the same problem, but don't apply make-up until the moisturizer has soaked in for a few minutes, and blot if you need to.
If eyeshadow doesn't stay on, you may need to invest in an eyeshadow primer. Lipsticks now come in a huge variety of lasting formulas: you're bound to find one that works for you. Take a moment to whisk translucent powder over your finished face before church in the morning for staying power. Layer products as needed (I find that blush disappears fast on me, so I bring a little pot of rouge with me in my cosmetics bag).

Make-up is just a tool. Don't let it boss you around: make it work for you!



Blogger a rev. said...

I've just learned of your blog and love it!

From one serious consumer of skincare products to another, I thought I'd recommend a few products that I've come to cherish.

I don't wear makeup often because of fantastic skin genes, but I must tell you, these products are so wonderful that my skin glows as if I'd rubbed glowing goodness all over it.

So here's my regimen, in case anyone would like to try:

1. Wash face in shower with Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. This is my favorite part of my shower routine because the scrub is wonderfully tingly.

2. Moisturize with Kiehl's Panthenol Protien face cream (my skin is dry). Tip: apply facial moisturizer after brushing your teeth, if possible...


When I want to be fancy by having extra glow, I start with #1 (just for the fun tingly bits), and do the following:

2. Out of shower, I use a gentle "astringent" (they don't call it that) - Chantecaille's Rosewater.

3. I then cleanse with Chantecaille Cleansing Milk (I also use this at the end of the day). It moistens and cleans.

4. I follow this up with a wonder product - Chantecaille's Vital Essence. This is where the super glow comes in, and for those who worry about wrinkly bits, it's supposed to help. (not a concern of mine since we don't wrinkle in my family)

5. If I'm wearing makeup, I apply it then. (usually, I don't.)

End of day, I cleanse with the cleansing milk and apply my panthenol protein moisturizer.

If you haven't tried any of these products (forgive me if you've already reviewed them, PeaceBang) please do!

8:41 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Thanks for the tips! Chantecaille is new to me, but it certainly looks swank on the web site. Next time I'm near a N-M I'll procure some samples.

I can't use scrubby products because of easily-irritated skin, but the Neutrogena sounds nice, and I'll definitely try the Kiehl's. Does it have SPF?

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I only wear lip colour for preaching, as I understand that it helps with lipreading. For that purpose, I like the Burt's Bees in the wine/mulberry/cocoa with top-shimmer set.)

Mary Ann

9:40 PM  
Blogger a rev. said...

There's no SPF in the Panthenol Protein cream, sorry! (And thanks for sharing the Chantecaille tip - I'd be curious to hear what people think.) Be careful when you walk up to the counter, though, because it's hard not to walk away having spent $200. (Though if you do, you'll walk away happy, if not a bit guilty...)

9:18 PM  

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