Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksful for YOU, PeaceBangers!

The stuffing is cooking away and smelling amazing, the travelers are upstairs asleep, the turkey is all buttered up and almost ready to go in the oven (sorry, vegans!), the pies and trifle are made, the green bean casserole and other sides are assembled, the friends are arriving all day with dinner at 3pm and dessert in the evening...

I'm putting together a little morning prayer service from Oremus and the Universalist Prayerbook and thought I'd stop by to tell you all that you're beautiful, you're a whole lot of fun, and I'm grateful for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Kiss, kiss!



Anonymous Lorna said...

kisses to you too

been reading this wet, miserable Sat and this quote is for YOU

Can you tell when someone is rich [Pat] Can you tell it just by looking at them?

I can. ...
the signals are usually there

such as?
Self assurance. ...

and their clothes?
Look at their shoes. the expression well-heeled says it all

(taken from Expresso Tales. Alexander McCall Smith

8:49 AM  

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