Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gents: Be Careful With the Bangs!

SisterBang just forwarded me some photos of our adorable baby nephews who are cuter than ever, except for their incredibly dorky haircuts which make them look like two tiny Franciscan monks. I wrote to my sis, "Good God! Who does their hair, Thich Nhat Hanh?"

Granted, they're only one year old and three, but that overly-short, chopped bangs thing can happen at any age, so fellas, let's be careful out there.
I went to a lecture not long ago given by a handsome guy who had a serious bowl-cut with bangs, and I just have to say it gave him a very strange look, as though he was an adult man body walking around with a sixth grade head.

But while we're on the subject,
Can I ask about ears?

Why are men getting their hair cut in big wide circles around their EARS?
What is that about?

I love men's ears. I support men's ears and the men who have them. Up with ears, I say. The thing is, clean-cutting around the ear is weird and disconcerting. I think, "Why am I seeing pink skin here? Are you having surgery? Are you scheduled for a morning lobotomy or something? Should I be concerned?"

So let it be said that PeaceBang is a fan of the subtle side burn and a little bit of hair around the ears.

While we're on the subject of clean cutting, fellas, I'm seeing FOOD IN BEARDS at collegial gatherings. I am seeing UNTRIMMED GOATEES. I am seeing SIDES OF 'STACHES THAT DRIP INTO MOUTHS.

And you know what PeaceBang has to say about that. Gentlemen, start your Norelco trimmers!

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