Saturday, November 11, 2006

He's a Lumberjack and It's Not Okay

Fellas, a word to the wise: if even extremely hot celebrity Heath Ledger can look like H-E-Double Matchsticks in this flannel monstrosity, you shouldn't try it at home.

He's a Lumberjack and It's Not Okay
Also note the bad, greasy hair. Not that I don't sympathize, having been photographed with seriously flat, greasy hair recently myself.

Still, avoid the flannel plaid. That goes for you too, ladies. Need I even SAY it?

(Thanks to GoFugYourself for the photo!

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Anonymous Henrietta said...

OK, then, speak to us of hair color. I am in my 40s and have the ash brown hair known as "mousy." I wager PeaceBang would beg me to "brighten" it. In my younger days I was very blonde but now even expert highlights make me look either a)trashy or b)old/gray. Since the one good thing about my hair is that it's not gray yet, I need another option.


3:32 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hen, in your case I might go with a deeper brown. I'd go to a pro for the first time and then consider doing your own head from some OTC product, since they're not nearly as dulling and monotonal as they used to be.

Go glossy and rich. Think mink. But honestly, go to a pro for the first job so they can help you find a tone that suits your coloring. Tell them that you honestly can't afford to have it done professionally every time and ask them to recommend something out of a box for you to do in the future. They will almost always be willing to share tips.

4:01 PM  

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