Thursday, November 09, 2006

Glossed Over: Best New Blog

Darling pets (in the sense of dear and intimate compadres, not animal companions)!

I just threw my latest issue of Lucky magazine ("The Magazine About Shopping!") across the room in a fit of pique. The fashions are cute enough, although occasionally overly-inventive in that style we used to refer to in the 8th grade as "Try-Hard" -- and bordering on obscenely overpriced. Howevah, that's not the problem.

The problem with Lucky magazine isn't the fashion and the shopping tips. It's in the editorial tone, which insists on bouncing around like a not-too-bright 11 year-old on a sugar binge. There's nary a coherent, intelligent sentence to be found: everything is positively gushing. "Too cute!" "Vintagey appeal!" "Suit-y shapes," "makes skin impossibly soft," "you wake up with incredibly satiny, slept-for-ten-hours skin," "adorable, in a back-to-school sort of way," "brilliantly transporting" (this about a CANDLE?) Oh, for the love of our Savior, child. Just tell me about the bloody product and back away from the candy.

This editor never met a hyperbole she didn't like, and she has an obvious fetish for the letter "y," which she likes to stick at the end of every adjective, and a fair amount of nouns, too.

While PeaceBang loves nothing more than to wile away an hour after a hard day with a brainless fashion mag, she doesn't want to have her intelligence actively assaulted with every page. Hey editor gal,whoever you are, "vintagey" for this reader equals "vapidy." Knock it off, or let your beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June write more copy, as she seems to be able to communicate enthusiasm for products without sounding like a twit.

So thanks to Glossed Over, I know I'm not the only one feeling the pain.
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