Friday, December 22, 2006


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I attended a very elegant campus-oriented soiree last night given by a fellow blogger and reader of this blog, and I would just like to say that it was a true pleasure meeting some of you and finding out that you are, as I suspected, lovely beings.

I wish you all could have seen the wire-haired dachsund scooting around with his little Santa hat on. Extremely soigne little dewd.



Anonymous Philocrites said...

The Philocrites Family wishes to say that we were very sorry to miss this soiree, and that we love Russell, too.

Happy Festivus, everyone! (The fourth wise man, as everyone must have guessed by now, was bringing Baby Jesus an aluminum pole back in the day when aluminum was even more valuable than myrrh, and so it's no surprise that everyone aired grievances of a particularly grievous sort en route to Bethlehem and the poor fourth Magus did not survive the feats of strength. But what do you suppose was holding up that star they followed?!)

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