Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God

I'm just kidding about the hair, of course. That is some SCARY, SCARY hair on Miss Denise Richards. PeaceBang is definitely not advising you to try that hair-do unless you're auditioning for the role of Miss Mona in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," which you shouldn't do if you're ordained clergy. It could bring shame on your church, ya'll. PeaceBang is a musical theater gal herself and tries not to take roles that require her to be raunchy in any way, except that time she played a drunk child abuser and wore thigh-highs and a garter belt as she staggered around on stage throwing doll's heads at little orphan children.

ANYWAY, I digress!

My point here was to show you how cute and fashionable it is to wear tights with dresses this season. Get yourself a nice fitted skirt, throw on some tights, and wear heels. Add a girly blouse or a sweater with some shape to it and you're all set for winter office days and nights.

Tights with clogs or other orthopedic shoes, while comfy indeed, are not so much fashionable as just warm and opaque. And that's fine too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question, not directly related to hair, but ....
What do you think of shimmer powder or lotions with a bit of sparkle for the holidays?
By the way, I LOVE reading your blog. I look forward to each new installment!

8:20 AM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the ups!

PeaceBang has nothing against a bit of shimmer on a date, or for a non-church party, but she is of the firm belief that ministers should not look like Tinkerbell around their parishioners.

And if we're over 35, no sparkly lotions or powders in hair or on skin (a sparkly pair of hair combs or a barrette is fine at the holidays). A bit of sparkly eyeshadow, maybe: if you know how to apply it dramatically and not make a mess of it.

I also find that shimmer lotions are stinky.

But overall, think shimmer or glow, not sparkle. Try all products before buying, and look at them carefully under different lights.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so the purple roll on body glitter from Claire's in the mall is a no and the shimmer wand in sensual amber from Bath and Body Works is a maybe? ;-)

8:54 PM  

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