Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guide To Best Drugstore Buys

Hey gang!

Real Simple magazine has a very handy-dandy guide to the best drugstore (read: affordable products) buys here.
It's arranged by category of product and looks to have excellent suggestions.

This is Real Simple's helpful guide to how to buy wardrobe essentials.

Actually, as a former subscriber to Real Simple magazine, I must say that I'm very impressed with their web site. I'll be reading more articles when I get a chance.

Thanks to SisterBang for the referral!


Anonymous kate setzer kamphausen said...

Oh, Peacebang, I am not sure this is a trustworthy list. They recommend Dove shampoo - and Dove shampoo is a perfect recipe (in my experience) for FRIZZ AND MORE FRIZZ!!!

Better to go to Sally Beauty Supply and spend $6 or $7 for a really good shampoo that won't frizz dyed hair. The Sally staff are always really helpful too - I tell them my problem (frizz) rather than assuming I know what product(s) I need, and they always fix me right up.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear colleagues, I recommend looking up any cosmetic products you might buy--before you buy them--to see what their ingredients might do to your health. The environmental working group has a great site called Skin Deep with an extensive database of products.

Many of our cosmetics contain ingredients that can harm us. There is no FDA for the cosmetics industry which would screen out harmful chemicals. For example, L'Oreal "Feel Natural" Concealer contains ingredients that can disrupt the endocrine system, hurt your liver, and elevate your risk of cancer. Many "natural" cosmetic lines like Origins or the ones that you'd see at Whole Foods also contain toxic ingredients. "Natural" does not mean safe.

If this makes you outraged, join with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Consumer safety advocates recently succeeded in banning unsafe cosmetics ingredients in the European Union. I hope we can do it here in the US, too! But in the meantime, do not trust that your body care products are safe unless you've checked out their ingredients.

12:47 AM  

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