Monday, April 23, 2007

WomenSpirit Robe Sale!


WomenSpirit robes is having a sale, 15% off from now 'til May 20th!!

Thanks to Sarah for the hot tip!


Blogger A. Lin said...

Since you bring up the topic, can I get some advice on buying a robe?

I am of the baptist faith, and the churches I have been a part of have not been ones where the ministers wore vestments. Now I have a new position as youth and children's minister in a baptist church that is more liturgical, and the pastor wears vestments. He told me for Easter that I could wear a robe if I have one, but I didn't have one. Now I am thinking about purchasing one since I plan to be at this church for several years. I will be preaching from time to time at the church, too. Any advice about buying that first robe is greatly appreciated. I have no idea of what to look for or where to begin.

7:56 PM  

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