Friday, April 13, 2007

More On Capris, Eyebrows and My Identity

You are delightful, readers o' mine.

I awoke this morn quite the Miss Crankypants but as soon as I read your comments on my last post, I cheered right up.

First, the matter of the capri-length pants.

Some more thoughts.
1. Shorter-length pants are sporty. Period. The only gals who can get away with dressing them up are 21-year old Hollywood types who might pair them with gold strappy sandals and a lap dog and therefore make them "dressy" by Los Angeles-area standards. To pull this off, you need a perma-tan, a sports car, a $3,000 little purse and long blonde hair. Do not try this at home.

For most of us, capri-length pants (and Lord have mercy, let's not get shorter than calf-length for ministry work!) are much too youthful and casual for Being Taken Seriously In. They look clean and polished on slim women of average height but for taller women, they look silly, and for short women, they make us look shorter. For heavy women, they're singularly inelegant.

You may love capris with sneakers, my doves, but they do not necessarily love you back. Unless you're on a picnic with congregants, PeaceBang sternly admonishes you to put down the sneakers and leave them for days off.

You may be seeing "shorts suits" in the fashion magazines, but that's a whole different animal. Suits with dressy shorts are an option being marketed to fashionable professional gals, but PeaceBang thinks that not only are they aesthetically hideous, they're fairly impossible for all but the most sartorially talented to pull off well, or at all.

Scott, you didn't appreciate the fact that the "before" picture of Eyebrow Boy made him look like an ax murderer? Where's your appreciation for the finer manipulative points of advertising?! How else should he look but hangdog, shadowy and ominous?
:::chortle, chortle:::

Ms. Dom from Seattle, I am indeed a real life minister. When I'm not channeling my irrepresible alter ego, PeaceBang, I'm serving this lovely congregation: and you're most welcome to acquaint yourself with the deep work of my heart on the sermons link. Not that blogging isn't also the deep work of my heart, but in a different way.

And hey everyone, YogaToes really do work! I've been using them for about a week now, for about an hour at a time, and my toe is in much better shape, and no foot pain!!


Blogger madgebaby said...

I've got a pressing fashion question for you, Peacebang:

I'm looking for a more streamlined look for summer, and I desperately want to wear one of those simple, short sleeved, below the knee length wrap dresses in a somber color (black, brown or subtle print)with a clerical collar. I want to wear espedrille sandles--fairly substantial, but open toe--with said dress and clerical collar.

I'm talking run of the mill, going into the office attire, or maybe a meeting--not anyone's funeral, or anything like that. I'd change shoes if there were a church service.

Please don't tell me I'm out on a limb here. If I have to go to work looking like a postal worker, a cop, or Johnny Cash (no offense) with my matching black pants and ill fitting shirts, I may just curl up in a ball. I've recently lost a bunch of weight, and I just want to celebrate and be cool and happy in my clothes this summer.

4:27 PM  
Blogger womynrev said...

I KNOW!!! I love my yoga toes. I ordered them shortly after you did (I'm a flunkie, what can I say!!?? seriously, my feet *always* hurt, so I'll try anything!)

In fact, I have them on as we speak. thanks for the idea.


6:29 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Gee Madgebaby, I don't know!! What's the protocol on wearing collars and dresses? It sounds weird to me -- do you have to wear clericals? I've never seen a collar worn with a dress. Some of our Piskie and Lutheran readers will have to help here.

And thank you for reminding me that espadrilles are nice, and a good option for shorter capri-style pants, too.
Womynrev, so glad the YogaToes are working for you, too!

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Godgurrrl said...

I perused your parish website. You lived in Minnesota...way cool. I am from Minnesota. I am a recent transplant to New England to serve as a Parish Pastor in a smallish town. I love your blogs.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Susie said...

Madgebaby, as an Epsicopalian, I say, go for it! I've been eyeing some cute dresses that I'm sure my sleeveless clerical shirt would work under. It just has to be, as you say, a simple kind of dress. I happen to like the tailored shirt dresses for that kind of thing - Ann Taylor Loft has a cute one right now.

1:32 PM  

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