Thursday, April 19, 2007

Professor Lucinda Roy

Professor Lucinda Roy
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Darlings, PeaceBang hasn't felt much like being your cheeky correspondent this week, but she feels that she should say aloud what we're all thinking,

"Professor Lucinda Roy, you are one class act."

Seriously. Amidst the horrors of the Virginia Tech massacre, Dr. Roy has spoken to the media several times about her experience with the profoundly troubled Cheo Seung-Hui. On every occasion that I've seen, she has been composed, articulate, compassionate, and dressed in a manner that communicates total respect for her profession and her school.

Let us watch, and learn, and hope to God that we are never put in a similar situation.

Lord have mercy.


Anonymous jinnis said...

Thanks for recognizing Prof. Roy. She stands out among the interviewed for all the reasons you list. And she is a great representative for the school and the community in the midst of administrators and public officials.

10:23 AM  
Blogger clairebearkiss said...

she wrote a really tender and powerful op ed for the NY Times

on an unrelated note: PB how can i email you? i want to ask about products but don't want to clog the comments

10:39 PM  

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