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2007 Cleansing Ritual

2007 Cleansing Ritual
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Happiest of healthy, faithful and beautiful new years to you, my darling powder pigeons!!

It being the first day of a new calendar year and all, it would be a great idea to take a long bath (not too hot or you'll wind up all dried out) in some lovely bubbles, and exfoliate all the skin you're in.

PeaceBang uses Body Shop Coconut Exfoliating Scrub and recommends it, but there are many products out there, or just a scrubby loofah will do.

This is more than merely cosmetic. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination in (on?) your bod. By ridding yourself of dead skin cells, you help detoxify. So get at those callouses on the feet (a major energy center) with a pumice, and don't forget your back and neck.

Give yourself a nice facial masque at the same time (PeaceBang loves the Tourmaline Radiance Masque by Aveda) and a hair moisturizing treatment (Carol's Daughters makes a beautiful, all organic one).

When you're done soaking and scrubbing your person, rinse off in tepid water and dry yourself with a big fluffy towel. Slather yourself in a rich body creme, paying special attention to elbows and feet, and wrap your silky body in something pure cotton.

Tell your beloved that you'll be having naked worship in your bedroom, and only he or she is invited. Tell 'em PeaceBang sent you. That's good for you too, you know. Body and soul. Just be sure to turn off the phone.

(The nude is by Edward Weston)



Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Thank you, PeaceBang, for the reminder about exfoliating on New Year's Day, and about applying a facial mask (I had none in the house so I made my own from a recipe I found on the Web and ingredients I had in the kitchen cupboard and fridge -- messy as hell but it worked). I usually think of baths as night-time wind-down things, but a bath before going to a New Year's Day afternoon dinner is a fine idea. With facial of course. Even though I'm technically a Yankee (though note, NOT a Yankees fan, once a Bostonian, always a Red Sox fan) I am turning into a proper Southerner and we had the requisite collards and hoppin' john (black-eyes peas and rice dish) for good luck and prosperity in the new year -- but the Southland is a-changing so I guess that's how the creamy celeriac soup and roast lamb and red wine and ricotta cake got in there too... ;-)

One of the fun parts of the event was when one of the other guests and I huddled in a corner comparing New Year's and other health and beauty routines, and you will all be glad to know that there are men who don't even read this blog but who do care about exfoliating and moisturizing.

Happy New Year, everyone. And happy middle of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

oops that's MASQUE...

12:35 AM  
Anonymous kate setzer kamphausen said...

Madam PeaceBang, how is your recommended hair-masque for dyed hair? (No, not blond... PINK!)

4:28 PM  

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