Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sister Of PeaceBang Reviews Products

Darling people!
I've met the most adorable self-professed "product junkie" tonight and he's going to be my Official Male Product Consultant. Everyone, welcome Eric! He and his girlfriend give each other masques! Can you stand the cuteness?

Anyway, Eric and his salon co-workers absolutely loaded me up with thousands of testers from Kiehl's, but before I review those, let's share the latest Sister of PeaceBang recommendations.

SOPB was mezza-mezza about Laura Mercier Purifying Light Oil Cleanser. She said it didn't give her face the tight feeling that soaps can give, but her own cleanser (a Neutrogena foaming item or the "Target knock-off") doesn't make her face feel tight, and she thinks it cleans better.

Verdict: "If it costs more than five bucks, give it a miss."

Estee Lauder Products We Love ("We" Being the Royal We, Since PeaceBang Herself Doesn't Use Estee Lauder):

Face Primer Plus: A very sheer, moisturizing base that gives the cheekbones a lovely youthful glow. (I saw this effect in person and it was truly flattering)

Ideal Light: This is a blush-on illuminator -- sort of a "heavier-duty shimmer wtih a bit of sheer lightish cover-up, can be blended easily. I'm not sure what you'd use it for -- maybe for eyelids to give an even, shimmery tone.

Minute Blush: "Neutral pink blush in a stick that is easy to control and blend -- gives a fairly pink look to cheeks [SOPB has olive toned skin] and lasts a long time. Be careful not to put too much on or you'll look like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!'"

Artist's Mechanical Lip Pencil in Double Mauve: "Not sure how 'mechanical' this is -- but it has a smaller lip-liner part that goes on smooth, and the slender sheer lipgloss/lipstick has a nice hint of pearl. Doesn't stay on too long. I like the Sephora neutrals better." [PeaceBang thinks this is a great neutral color for gals who are lipstick-phobic or who have a lot of anxiety about choosing a flattering color].

Thanks, Sis!

P.S. Hey Mom, Karen has JUST AS MANY PRODUCTS IN HER BATHROOM AS I DO, so you two can just QUIT teasing me!



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